The best evangelical contributions of 1963, in the judgment ofCHRISTIANITY TODAY, are listed below. The selections propound evangelical perspectives in a significant way or apply biblical doctrines effectively to modern currents of thought and life. These are not the only meritorious volumes, nor do they in every case necessarily reflect the convictions of all evangelical groups.

BARNHOUSE, DONALD GREY: God’s Covenants: Romans 9:1–11:36 (Eerdmans, 176 pp., $3.50). Israel’s future according to Romans, by a master expositor.

BRUCE, F. F.: Israel and the Nations: From the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple (Eerdmans, 254 pp., $3.95). Israel’s history as it occurred within the context of her national neighborhood.

BUSWELL, J. OLIVER: Soteriology and Eschatology, Volume II of A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion (Zondervan, 600 pp., $6.95). The final volume of a theology whose thought is systematized and whose meaning is always clear.

CAILLIET, EMILE: Young Life (Harper & Row, 120 pp., $2.95). The story of a vital movement for leading teen-agers to Christ and an account of the Young Life Institute’s successful venture into staff training.

CLARK, GORDON: Karl Barth’s Theological Method (Presbyterian and Reformed, 256 pp., $4.95). A scholarly, fair-minded evaluation of Barth’s theology as it relates to the laws of thought and the possibilities of human language.

DOWDY, HOMER E.: Christ’s Witchdoctor (Harper & Row, 241 pp., $3.95). This fascinating and authentic account of the conversion of a witch doctor in a tribe of South American Indians is of anthropological as well as spiritual value.

EVANS, ROBERT P.: Let Europe Hear: The Spiritual Plight of Europe (Moody, 528 pp., $5.95). A survey indicating that sixteen Western European countries are authentic mission fields.

GOODYKOONTZ, HARRY G.: The Minister in the Reformed Tradition (John Knox, 176 pp., $3.75). A study that explains and upholds the distinctive character of the office of minister.

KELLY, J. N. D.: The Pastoral Epistles (from the “New Testament Commentaries” series, Harper & Row, 264 pp., $5). A very lucid interpretation that conveys the results but not the mechanics of scholarship, by an author who argues for Pauline authorship.

POLLOCK, J. C.: Moody (Macmillan, 336 pp., $5.50). A faithful portrait with all the lights and shadows.

MARTIN, JAMES P.: The Last Judgment (Eerdmans, 214 pp., $4). A study of how eschatology was eased out the back door of Christian theology.

METZGER, BRUCE M.: Chapters in the History of New Testament Textual Criticism (Volume IV of “New Testament Tools and Studies,” Eerdmans, 165 pp., $4). A highly scientific work by a meticulous scholar of international repute.

MICKELSEN, A. BERKELEY: Interpreting the Bible (Eerdmans, 425 pp., $5.95). A fresh inquiry into the issues, tools, and techniques of biblical interpretation.

RAMM, BERNARD: Them He Glorified: A Systematic Study of the Doctrine of Glorification (Eerdmans, 148 pp., $3). Done with a painstaking competence that tempts the reader to read on.

RICHARDSON, JOHN R., and CHAMBLIN, KNOX: The Epistle to the Romans (Baker, 166 pp., $2.95). A popular, pithy exposition blending the doctrinal, ethical, and homiletical.

RODDY, CLARENCE S.: The Epistle to the Hebrews (Baker, 141 pp., $2.75). Practical commentary on selected texts dealing with the chief motifs of the epistle.

SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL M.: Beginning Your Ministry (Harper & Row, 127 pp., $3). Salty wisdom about the minister and his ministry—spoken out of the ripeness of the author’s years.

STONEHOUSE, NED B.: Origins of the Synoptic Gospels: Some Basic Questions (Eerdmans, 201 pp., $4.50). A scholarly investigation of the authorship, origins, and interdependence of the Synoptic Gospels. A contribution to scholarship.

TENNEY, MERRILL C.: The Reality of the Resurrection (Harper & Row, 221 pp., $4). A doctrinal and apologetic treatment of Christ’s resurrection.

TWEEDIE, DONALD F., JR.: The Christian and the Couch (Baker, 237 pp., $3.95). The author crosses frontiers to discover a distinctive Christian psychotherapy.

WHITESELL, FARIS D.: Power in Expository Preaching (Revell, 174 pp., $4). The author powerfully pleads the equation: expository preaching equals preaching for eternity.

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