A new year (’66)—with the new confession (’67)

Ho And Hum

Well, I have just been reading a few more things about new theology and new morality and the recent death of God, and for some reason a statement came to mind that I read many years ago in a book by Warwick Deeping called Old Pybus. “There is nothing so damning as being just damned clever.” If the devil is half as intelligent as Blake makes him look and Milton describes him to be, he must be having a boring time these days. Such an easy job. It’s not much fun pushing people down when they fall down from their own inner weakness.

One of the slickest plays in football is the draw play. By faking the defense out of position with a threatened pass, you open up a hole for one of the backs to gallop through. The defense out-maneuvers itself. We used to make a lot out of the mousetrap, too, which was a pretty nice way to handle an aggressive tackle; you let him run full speed through your line and then help him along his way while the play runs through the hole he left. The Church has had a hard enough time for a good many centuries trying to beat the devil around the bush; I don’t know what he is going to do if we start running with him instead of against him.

Oh, yes, and a sign of the times: The Beatles were knighted. All I can say is, every man to his taste. But the reason for their being knighted shakes me up a bit. They were knighted because they helped the British balance the trade, which means in simple language that they cleared a few million dollars out of our country and took them over to their country. Let them be knighted, I say; but what kind of a day is it when four men like that can make a balance of trade for Great Britain?


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