A ship sets sail across the ocean. It carries neither pilot nor compass. What would you say of the owner and of the captain of the ship?

A plane starts a flight across the North Pole. There is no navigator on board and no way to chart the course. One would rightly question the sanity of the crew.

A man starts to drive across the United States. He does not provide himself with road maps, nor does he ask anyone what route to take. He would almost certainly take the wrong roads.

A man becomes acutely ill. Neither he nor his family will call the doctor, nor will he take any medicine. What would one think of such people?

A soldier goes into battle. He takes with him neither gun, nor ammunition, nor any kind of weapon with which to attack the enemy or defend himself. He would be a very foolish soldier.

A student enters a classrom to get ready for an examination. He puts cotton in his ears so that he cannot hear the teacher and closes his eyes so that he cannot read his books. He would well deserve a “dunce cap.”

A physician goes into surgery to operate on a patient but refuses to use the necessary instruments. Would you want him to operate on you?

A lawyer goes into court to defend a client, but he does not know the points of law involved, nor can he argue the case. What would people think of such an advocate?

The owner of a large store has no inventory of his stock, nor does he know the cost of the items on the shelves. Failure in business would inevitably be his lot.

A motorist driving at night refuses to turn on the lights. Can you figure him out?

A carpenter attempts to build a house, but he will not use a square, saw, hammer, or plane. What kind of a house can he build?

A house is wired for electricity, and all the fixtures are in place. ...

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