People with birthdates between November 23 and December 21, according to astrologers, are particularly suited to be theologians—or comedians. Yet despite the religious aspect assigned to Sagittarius, claims Annette Bousquet Jones, who has written Christian meditations on the zodiac, the sign of the Archer fails to hit a Christian bullseye. “The only connection for the average Christian,” she says, “would be through St. Sebastian’s martyrdom,” and she therefore encourages Christians to pray for those facing martyrdom.

“One of the most direct symbols of Christ in the zodiac,” says Miss Jones, writing in a Roman Catholic weekly in Portland, Maine, is Aquarius, the Water Bearer: Christ “is the source (the bearer) of the living water.” That symbolism takes added significance now that, as the rock musical Hair describes it, “the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars.” The “Age of Aquarius,” with its “golden living dreams of visions, mind’s true liberation,” has begun after 2,600 years of the Age of Pisces.

Astrologers point to the current interest in their “science” as evidence for its validity. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the astrologers’ planet, so it is no surprise to them to see zodiac symbols on glassware, neckties, and jewelry, or to find advertisers using the zodiac to sell carpets—as one did last spring with a four-page ad in a women’s magazine—or books—as Southern Presbyterian John Knox Press is doing (see page 17) with its claim that “even Aquarians read” its books.

Only 550 of the nation’s 1,750 newspapers don’t offer daily astrological ...

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