Writing from china to a friend in America on February 22, 1929, I said: “One other cause of pessimism is the character of the average student in the schools, the class from which naturally the national leaders will come in time. Communistic teaching and propaganda has been going on among these boys and girls for three or four years and is still rampant. The result is a group of young people who fear neither God nor man and whose minds are filled with an insane desire to tear down the existing social order, even if their own parents go in the fall. I have personally come in contact with the results of the new freedom which, as in Russia, has declared freedom between the sexes, with all restraints removed.”

Today, thirty years later, the Washington Post quotes Bruce Schwartz on the recent upheaval at MIT: “This was not a week of antiwar protests.… They are indeed revolutionaries, Socialist-Communist revolutionaries dedicated to the overthrow of the government and the political-social system of the United States.”

Within the week I have seen quoted two churchmen who concede that the answer to the present social revolution in America is “violence.” Both of these men are strategically placed and highly regarded. And just yesterday I heard a first-hand report of a conversation with another clergyman who, when asked about incidents of violence and destruction in a local school, had said, “The kids were exactly right. They should have done it.”

The point I am trying to make with all the earnestness I can is that a determined and regimented minority can overthrow the existing order, even here in America, and that the tactics with which I was familiar in China are exactly those being used here today. Remember, it was not a majority movement ...

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