In each category, the Senators are listed in bold face, then House members. Asterisks indicate apparent winners.

The census was compiled by researcher Deborah Miller.


Bayh (D-Ind.)

Bible (D-Nev.)

Clark (D-lowa)

Dole (R-Kans.)

Eastland (D-Miss.)

Fannin (R-Ariz.)

Huddleston (D-Ky.)

Hughes (D-Iowa)

Inouye (D-Hawaii)

Long (D-La.)

McClure (R-Idaho)

McGovern (D-S. Dak.)

Metcalf (D-Neb.)

Nelson (D-Wis.)

Nunn (D-Ga.)

Scott (R-Va.)

Sparkman (D-Ala.)

Tower (R-Tex.)

Abdnor (R-S. Dak.)

Albert (D-Okla.)

Arends (R-III.)

Beard (R-Tenn.)

Brademas (D-Ind.)

Brooks (D-Tex.)

Brotzman (R-Colo.)

Brown, Jr. (D-Calif.)

Burgener (R-Calif.)

Burke (D-Calif.)

Chappell, Jr. (D-Fla.)

Chisholm (D-N.Y.)

Collier (R-III.)

Conable, Jr. (R-N.Y.)

Corman (D-Calif.)

Crane (R-III.)

Davis (D-S.C.)

Devine (R-Ohio)

Dickinson (R-Ala.)

Flynt, Jr. (D-Ga.)

Fulton (D-Tenn.)

Goodling (R-Pa.)

Haley (D-Fla.)

Hamilton (D-Ind.)

Hastings (R-N.Y.)

Hawkins (D-Calif.)

Jones (D-Ala.)

Kuykendall (R-Tenn.)

Lent (R-N.Y.)

Mahon (D-Tex.)

Mathias (R-Calif.)

Miller (R-Ohio)

Mills (D-Ark.)

Mills (R-Md.)

Mitchell (R-N.Y.)

Morgan (D-Pa.)

Nichols (D-Ala.)

Pickle (D-Tex.)

Quillen (R-Tenn.)

Randall (D-Mo.)

Rhodes (R-Ariz.)

Riegle, Jr. (R-Mich.)

Roberts (D-Tex.)

Robison (R-N.Y.)

Rogers (D-Fla.)

Roy (D-Kans.)

Sebelius (R-Kans.)

Shriver (R-Kans.)

Sikes (D-Fla.)

Skubitz (R-Kans.)

Smith (D-Iowa)

Staggers (D-W.Va.)

Steed (D-Okla.)

Stokes (D-Ohio)

Stubblefield (D-Ky.)

Symms (R-Idaho)

Talcott (R-Calif.)

Taylor (R-Mo.)

Treen (R-La.)

Waggonner, Jr. (D-La.)

Whitehurst (R-Va.)

Wiggins (R-Calif.)

Williams (R-Pa.)

Wilson (D-Tex.)

Wylie (R-Ohio)

Young (R-Fla.)


Fulbright (D-Ark.)

Bennett (D-Fla.)

Camp (R-Okla.)

Casey (D-Tex.)

Green (D-Oreg.)

Holifield (D-Calif.)

Hungate (D-Mo.)

Shoup (R-Mont.)

Winn, Jr. (R-Kans.)


Gravel (D-Alaska)

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