God Works Through Children

“I had been deserted and divorced,” the woman told me. “I had custody of my two children, little girls.

“One day as I worked at the kitchen sink, a wave of loneliness came over me, and I began to cry. Softly, trying to keep my children from seeing it.

“But they did see, and the six-year-old dragged a chair over to the sink, got up on it, and looked into my eyes.

“ ‘Mother, you’re crying,’ she said. Then as she climbed down off the chair, ‘Come on. Let’s pray about this.’ And she sat down at the breakfast table.

“I sat down beside her, and she took my hand with a firm grasp and said, ‘Dear Lord Jesus, help my mother to be happy. Amen.’

“I looked up. Suddenly the day was radiant. I was full of true joy that had no room for self pity or my troubles. If I had these two children, nothing else mattered. I wasn’t alone, with them and God.”


On the Death Penalty

I have seen a copy of the editorial “Consciences and a Crusade” (Jan. 13). Thank you for your kind words about Amnesty International’s work on behalf of prisoners of conscience, and on the subject of the Nobel Peace Prize. Receiving the Prize was quite a surprise for all of us, and we are particularly pleased that this recognition brings our work to the attention of yet more individuals all over the world who are concerned about the urgent need for individuals, churches, and other institutions to work on behalf of those whose human rights are violated.

Your editorial appears to suggest that Amnesty International’s world-wide campaign against the death penalty was initiated last winter, about the same time as the ...

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