Question: Your writings imply that democracy is the outgrowth of the Christian principles of society. Are you committed to democracy as the ideal form of government, or are you just as comfortable in some cultures with very different forms of government?

Answer: When you talk about democracy you have to define it. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a king. It doesn’t have to take the form it takes in the United States. In Switzerland they don’t have a strong president: they have a council of seven which rotates, and even most Swiss people don’t know who’s the current president. So I’m not talking about a specific form of democracy. If you’re talking about just the concept of democracy—responsibility being invested in the people, or checks and balances, or lex rex rather than rex lex—then yes, I think this is an outgrowth of Christianity.

Q: Some Christians believe there are models of communism, though not classic Marxism, which could be acceptable to Christians and could be adaptable forms of government for other cultures. Do you agree with that?

A: If by communism you mean somewhat more economic control by the state, then, sure, that would be acceptable in certain circumstances. But the word communism has a very strict definition today. The philosophy developed by Marx, Engels, and Lenin brings forth oppression as naturally as the Reformation of Christianity brought forth “law is king.” The word communism means that specific materialistic philosophy.

If on the other hand you ask, “Is it necessary to equate democracy with the exact economic situation we have?”—absolutely not. A perfect example is Switzerland. When Switzerland socialized the railroads, did this mean it became a non-capitalistic country? Not at all. It’s more capitalistic ...

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