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February 2 1979, 1979
Volume 23, Number 9
February 2
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Editor's Note from February 02, 1979
'As goes the seminary, so goes the church.'
Church and Seminary: A Reciprocal Relationship
Seminaries need the church to provide models. Churches need the scholarship of the seminary.
Today’s Seminary Students: Back to Basics
Many nonevangelicals are reaffirming the church's traditional style and spirit.
Preaching with Power and Purpose
Success may never appear in time, but it will in eternity.
Getting into Shape Spiritually
If you find it exhausting to race against men on foot, how will you compete against horses?
Art and Theology at the National Gallery
The story of Jesus is used to punctuate a philosophic outlook of meaningfulness.
The Christian Church in Burma
'Tell the missionaries that there are now twice as many Christians as when they left.'
Witness to a Captive Audience
Reporting from the Philippines
CBN: Tuning on to Telephone
Reporting from Colombia
World Scene: February 02, 1979
Updates from the global Church
Strides toward Unity in Latin America
Most of the Protestant denominations have resisted the ecumenical movement.