This time they have gone too far. You mark my words: they will pay for it.

I didn’t complain when they cut back on the school milk program. I wrote only two mild letters when they attacked Bible reading and prayer in the public schools. But this time, I am really worked up.

The courts have forced The Lone Ranger to take off his mask!

Those of us who remember when the West was young simply will not tolerate this judicial mayhem. The next thing you know, they’ll force Orphan Annie to get pupils in her eyes and Superman to stay out of telephone booths.

I was unable to get to the Masked Man for an interview, but I did spend a few minutes with the Great Horse Silver. He was prancing around in great excitement and seemed to be pleased with the action of the court.

“You seem to be feeling your oats today,” I remarked. “Are you really happy over the court decision?”

“Of course I am!” he replied. “It’s about time they made him take off his mask.

“But, why? Without his mask, he isn’t The Lone Ranger.”

“And that’s good! Now maybe the crowds will start paying attention to me. He can get along without a mask, but where would he be without a horse?”

“So you feel he’s been taking all the glory all these years?”

“Absolutely! And just think of what I’ve had to go through. How would you like to hear ‘Hi ho. Silver!’ shouted in your ears day after day? I always had to run faster than the other horses, and that so-called fast draw of his was only a trick. They’d stop the cameras for him.”

“I see. You think that without his mask, he’ll have to develop some real skills to hold his own.”

“That’s right. He needs to quit horsing around (if you’ll excuse the term) and come to grips with reality. In a couple of more years, he won’t even need a mask. The bags ...

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