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What the Bible Teaches About the Church, by John Balchin; What the Bible Teaches About What Jesus Did, by F. F. Bruce; What the Bible Teaches About Jesus, by Geoffrey Grogan; What the Bible Teaches About the Holy Spirit, by John Peck (Tyndale House, 1979, $3.95 pb), are reviewed by Dr. W. Wilson Benton, Jr., pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Mississippi.

Permit a very loose translation: “Of the making of many series of theological books for laymen there is no end.” In light of the series before us, this can be a positive reaction—despite the overabundance of such material.

Geoffrey Grogan, principal of the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow, Scotland, addresses the matter of Christ’s person in 12 thoughtfully arranged chapters in What the Bible Teaches About Jesus. After briefly surveying the biblical material, Grogan focuses on the key aspects of Christology: preexistence, hypostatic union, incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and return of the Savior. But don’t be misled: the material is not presented in a stiff, theological textbook style. There is freshness and feeling in the unfolding of ancient but not archaic doctrines. He handles intricate items with dexterity and simplicity, and does not oversimplify the issues. Of particular interest is Grogan’s lucid analysis of the death experience and explanation of Christ’s entrance into it.

F. F. Bruce, professor emeritus, University of Manchester, England, writes on the work of Christ in What the Bible Teaches About What Jesus Did. Bruce determines to answer four questions concerning the incarnate Son of God: (1) What did he do? (2) What is he doing now? (3) What is he going to do? (4) What is he said to have done in his earlier ...

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