The following books have been chosen from publishers’ lists of recent releases or those forthcoming in the next few months. Content descriptions are condensed from those supplied by publishers.

Abingdon Press

Harold Ivan Smith, Tear Catchers (October)

The author, director for Tear Catchers, a ministry of compassion in Kansas City, Missouri, writes to help men to explore inner potential, to help women who wish to better understand mates, and to help couples who desire a more intimate marriage.

Albert C. Outler, editor, The Works of John Wesley (May, Vol. 1; other volumes through November 1988)

A series of four volumes of John Wesley’s sermons compiled by the professor emeritus of theology at Perkins School of Theology.

Paul Washburn, An Unfinished Church: A Brief History of the Union of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church

A chronicle of behind-the-scenes events.

Acropolis Books

Sandy Golden, Driving the Drunk Off the Road

A handbook for community action coming from the author’s personal experience.

The Alliance for Prenatal Research and Services, The Father Book: Pregnancy and Beyond

A guide to pregnancy and childbirth, written especially for fathers.

University Of Alabama Press

Dabney Adams Hart, Through the Open Door: A New Look at C. S. Lewis (July)

Focuses on Lewis the scholar, critic, and teacher.

Augsburg Publishing House

Judy Hyland, In the Shadow of the Rising Sun (July)

A story of the author’s imprisonment in the Philippines with 500 American missionaries in 1941.

Christmas: The Annual of Christmas Literature and Art

Volume 54 of a quality annual with poetry, literature, art, and Christmas customs.

Bethany House Publishers

J. W. Jepson, Don’t Blame It All on Adam (June)

A layman’s guide to the theology of Charles G. Finney.

James Bjornstad, Sun Myung Moon & the Unification Church (July)

A 64-page booklet answering frequently asked questions about the subject.

Andrew Murray, The Believer’s Full Blessing of Pentecost (one of 11 books of Andrew Murray reprinted).

George MacDonald, The Musician’s Quest (the sixth in a series of MacDonald reprints).

Broadman Press

Leroy Fitts, A History of Black Baptists (July)

Comprehensive history of black Baptist heritage.

Ebbie C. Smith, Balanced Church Growth (October)

An approach to church growth modeled on servanthood.

Lloyd Elder, Blueprints (June)

Gives a vision of where Southern Baptists are and suggests challenging goals for the future.

M. Thomas Starkes, God’s Commissioned People (August)

A history of Christian missions with maps, index, and time lines.

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Christian Books International

Andrew Murray, The Blood of the Cross, The Ministry of Intercession, Waiting on God, and Absolute Surrender

Four in a series of 11 Andrew Murray reprints.

Anne Arnott, The Secret Country of C. S. Lewis

Small biography of Lewis.

Columbia University Press

Furio Colombo, God in America (October)

Asks the question: Will the fine line between church and state survive the new era of religious involvement?

Crossway Books

George Barna and William Paul McKay, Vital Signs (August)

Deals with the way evangelical Christians have responded to the challenges of emerging social trends.

John Eidsmoe, God and Caesar (July)

How should Christians be involved in their government?

Doubleday & Company

Eugene Kennedy, The Now and Future Church (September)

Radical changes are taking place in the American Roman Catholic church. Are these leading this church into renewal or disintegration?

Elyce Wakerman, Father Loss (October)

Studies women who lost their fathers at an early age and the impact on their lives.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

George Goldberg, Reconsecrating America (September)

Argues that the current debate over church-state relationships is unnecessary.

Robert Knille, As I Was Saying (November)

A Chesterton reader.

Stephen V. Monsma, Pursuing Justice in a Sinful World (October)

Examines ways to reconcile the world of political ideals with the gritty world of political action.

Epiphany (Ballantine)

Madeleine L’Engle, A Winter’s Love (February)

A novel set in the French Alps.

Fortress Press

Kurt Aland, A History of Christianity, Vol. 1 (February)

From the beginnings to the Reformation.

Martin Brecht, Martin Luther (February)

A major biography (592 pp.) of Luther, focusing on his youth, 1483–1521.

Harold Shaw Publishers

The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook

Brief summaries of each book of the Bible, with more than 160 photos, maps, and charts.

Madeleine L’Engle, The Twenty-four Days before Christmas

A family prepares for a new arrival in time for Christmas.

Luci Shaw, editor, A Widening Light

More than 30 contemporary Christian poets portray the Incarnation.

Harvest House Publishers

Jim Smoke, Living Beyond Divorce

Explores the fears, questions, and discoveries of being single after a divorce.

Intervarsity Press

Tim Stafford, The Friendship Gap

Talks about hurdles to transcultural relationships, such as missionaries and the people to whom they minister as well as the people back home.

Ronald J. Sider, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger (revised)

Updates the situation around the world since the book was first published, and responds to critics by reconsidering and reformulating his arguments.

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Kregel Publications

F. B. Meyer, Choice Notes on the Psalms (October)

Reprint of a classic. Features inner struggles of David and prophetic references to Christ.

Adolph Saphir, Our Lord’s Pattern for Prayer and The Unity of Scripture

Two reprinted classics. The first is based on the Lord’s Prayer. The second shows the unity between the Old and New Testaments.

Loyola University Press

John R. Connery, S.J., Abortion: The Development of the Roman Catholic Perspective

Traces the development of the Roman Catholic attitude toward abortion from the beginning of the Christian era to the middle of the twentieth century.

Macmillan Publishing Co.

Bruce Bernard, The Bible and Its Painters (October)

Selections of over 200 paintings in full color with the biblical texts they illustrate, arranged according to the books of the Bible.

Mcgill Queen’S University Press

G. A. Rawlyk, Ravished by the Spirit (October)

A sympathetic yet critical account of the effect of Nova Scotia preacher Henry Alline and his New Light disciples on the nineteenth-century evangelical ethos of Nova Scotia.

Kurt Bowen, Protestants in a Catholic State

Shows what happened to the Protestant minority, and especially the Church of Ireland, from 1922 to the present time.

Moody Press

Walter C. Kaiser, Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament (April 1985)

Seeks to find an authentic representation of the way the Old Testament was used by the New Testament writers.

Ruth Johnson Jay, Mary Slessor: White Queen of the Cannibals (January 1985)

A biography of a woman who left Scotland to bring the gospel and education to the primitive people of Calibar.

Cyril J. Barber, The Minister’s Library (February 1985)

To help pastors, seminarians, and Christian students get the most from their personal library.

Morehouse-Barlow Co.

Lawrence Reimer and James Wagner, The Hospital Handbook (October)

A practical guide to hospital visitation.

Multnomah Press

Jerry S. Herbert, America, Christian or Secular?

Compilation of views of several spokesmen, with an overview of our nation’s heritage to help evangelicals think about our country’s origin.

Michael Green, New Life, New Lifestyle

Talks about the new life of a born-again believer—changes, doubts, difficulties. Published originally by Hodder & Stoughton, England.

Thomas Nelson Books

Thomas Howard, Evangelical Is Not Enough (July)

Howard grew up in the familiar worship patterns of evangelicalism. Now he sets forth the appreciation he has gained for liturgical worship.

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A. Berkeley Mickelsen, Daniel and Revelation: Riddles or Realities? (July)

Guides the reader to see these two books in the context of their times and in the light of their meaning for today.

Putnam Publishing

Lea Bramnick and Anita Simon, The Parents’ Solution Book: Your Child from Five to Twelve (November)

Handbook to the problems of parenting.

Random House

Marcy Jackson, The Grandparent Book

A book where grandparents can record the grandchild’s development and heritage.

Servant Publications

William Stanmeyer, The Seduction of Society (October)

Defines pornography and traces its rapid spread into virtually all areas of our culture in recent years. Pays special attention to pornography’s victims. Helps readers understand pornography and how to eliminate it.

Lynn Buzzard and Laura Campbell, Holy Disobedience (October)

Provides biblically based answers to the questions about how and when Christians should adopt resistance as a righteous course of action.

Richard Keyes, Beyond Identity (September)

Shows how God rebuilds man’s sense of self through the experience of daily life—in marriage and family life, work, emotions, prayer, and even in failure.

Tyndale House Publishers

Paul Welter, Learning from Children (August)

A personal quest into a child’s universe, and the experiences of other adults in their involvement with children.

Robert G. Barnes, Single Parenting: A Wilderness Journey (October)

Answers questions for single parents pertaining to self-esteem, finances, sex education, discipline, value building, remarriage, and visitation.

Jim Rayburn III, Dance, Children, Dance (October)

A biography of Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life, written by his son. Its purpose is to help other men and women of God as they find their faith and individualism somewhat out of step with the world of conventional Christianity.

Victor Books

Warren Wiersbe, From Worry to Worship

Studies in the Book of Habakkuk about worry and fear. To help the reader conquer especially fears about the future.

Lynn Buzzard and James Barlow, Who Should Live? Who Should Die?

Explores some of the medical choices becoming moral dilemmas—organ harvesting, genetic engineering, defining death, rights of the fetus, euthanasia, living will, the right to die.

Bartlett and Margaret Hess, Never Say Old

Helps the reader discover his or her own individual style for creative aging, so that the mature years will be full of new challenges and joy.

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Viking Press

Jonathan Miller and David Pelham, The Facts of Life (October)

The miracle of human reproduction is described in three-dimensional, movable illustrations that follow the development of a baby from conception to birth. Author Miller is a medical doctor.

Westminster Press

James Barr, Beyond Fundamentalism (November)

Argues that an understanding of biblical authority has to begin with an acceptance of what the Bible really is, and not by forcing upon it a preconceived dogmatic scheme. Focuses especially on ways in which understandings of Scripture can and must change as individuals grow in Christian maturity.

Michael Mazir-Ali, Islam: A Christian Perspective (September)

Presented from the viewpoint of one who is a Christian with a Muslim background, living in a Muslim world. Is both critical and sympathetic to Islam.

Robert McAfee Brown, Unexpected News: Reading the Bible with Third World Eyes (September)

After presenting the challenges of selected Bible passages, the author addresses those who may feel threatened by the message, showing that the Bible, seen in this different way, is a book of power and promise for all.

Word Publishing

John P. Newport, Paul Tillich (June)

Analyzes the diverse elements that contribute to Tillich’s systematic theology and his personal life. Gives some biographical material. One of the Makers of the Modern Theological Mind series.

Dee Jepson, Women: Beyond Equal Rights (July)

Appointed in 1982 to be the presidential liaison with women’s organizations, and wife of a U.S. senator, the author shows how God has given women unique capacities. She argues that women do not need to seek identity through causes, husbands, or children.

Gary Smalley, The Key to Your Child’s Heart (October)

Family counselor Gary Smalley shows how to weave strong family ties and avoid the withdrawal syndrome. He tells how to be adequate parents without being perfect.

Zondervan Books

Elias Chacour, with David Hazard, Blood Brothers (October)

Combines the story of a Palestinian Christian and the history of Christians in the Middle East with a new view of Bible prophecy and the Zionist movement. Deals with the struggles between Palestinians and Israelis.

Donald G. Bloesch, Crumbling Foundations (December)

Christianity is under attack by secular culture and society. Diagnoses the sickness that afflicts the Christian church and the forces that have been eroding faith.

Leland Ryken, Reading the Bible as Literature (January 1985)

A guide to the literary aspects of the Bible. Describes the literary forms of the Bible and explores the corresponding activities that these require of the reader.

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Bible Student’s Commentary (November)

A five-volume commentary of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, translated from the Korke Verklaring, a series of commentaries on the entire Bible. It is adapted to, and incorporates, the NIV text. Additional volumes to come.

Alfred Marshall, The NASB Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (December)

Marshall’s interlinear New Testament was first published in 1958 with the King James Version. Now it is available with the New American Standard Bible.

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