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June 12 1987, 1987
Volume 31, Number 9
June 12
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To Your Health
The church must care for the physical body, because God does.
Reconcilable Differences
In marriage, two individuals really can become one.
What Is Sex For?
The recent Vatican document raises important questions.
In a Family Way
Bearing children in an age of abortion.
Should the Poor Earn Their Keep?
Christian values of family, work, and responsibility can help shape our welfare policy.
Soviet Believers: Still Paying a High Cost for Commitment
Protesters on the steps of the Capitol call for the release of prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union.
Battle on the Bible
Southern Baptists seek help outside their ranks in an effort to settle the issue of inerrancy.
Proposed Prolife Bill Goes for the Jugular
Abortion opponents support the “President’s Prolife Bill” with varying enthusiasm.