The Church and AIDS

CT should be commended for tackling the “high-risk issue” of AIDS and ministry to persons with AIDS [“High-risk Ministry,” Aug. 7]. It is indeed time for evangelical churches to follow the compassionate and healing steps of Jesus in our world. As Andrés Tapia says, in responding to persons with AIDS evangelicals need to “define the church’s view of homosexuality.” It is also helpful that he notes there is no consensus on the nature of homosexuality or on the possibility of reorientation. It is not correct, however, to state that “evangelicals agree that homosexual activity is sinful.” But, as David Schiedermayer points out, plagues have always offered opportunity for superstitious generalizations to grow into outright persecution.

Encouraging evangelicals to jump on the AIDS ministry bandwagon is no substitute for dealing with the underlying ignorance evangelicals exhibit in response to lesbians and gay men. What kind of gospel is it that rushes to the bedside of a dying gay person with AIDS to talk about God’s love when living lesbians and gay men continue to be exploited, ridiculed, and avoided by the evangelical church?


Evangelicals Concerned

Western Springs, Ill.

The lottery: Less harmful than taxes?

Chuck Colson’s attitude toward a lottery ad seems a bit melodramatic [“The Myth of the Money Tree,” July 10]. Why doesn’t he criticize our government for having become a business? His attack on the lottery is misguided—it is the income tax that is an act of political cowardice, that mocks the integrity of government. After all, if the same standard the government applies to cigarette ...

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