Prolife And Prochoice

I agree with CT’s editorial position that there are many ethical human-life issues that evangelicals agree on, and therefore they should dialogue—rather than argue—about abortion [CT Institute, July 14]. But the four men writing in this section did not appear to consider whether the women involved have any choice in the matter of reproduction and abortion. On the contrary, many of us evangelicals are both prolife and prochoice. We believe women’s rights and fetal rights are bound up together and cannot be addressed separately. Reading this section, I felt unrepresented and alienated.

Most astounding was Charles White’s article, “Why Abortion Matters Most.” No wonder both the means and ends of eliminating abortion are so crystal clear to him: he never once mentioned women! Furthermore, as a student in biblical studies, I am unimpressed with his shaky biblical foundation for his antiabortion position. God’s Word simply does not make it clear that the fetus is a person with rights equal to those already born. Abortion was not an issue in the biblical writings; the passages he cited are open to other interpretations.

Reta Finger

Chicago, Ill.

Perhaps the church would get a better hearing on the abortion issue if we approached it the way Jesus answered the question about divorce. Rather than give a list of “grounds” for abortion, such as rape, incest, danger to the mother, and so on, we ought to talk about our Creator’s design for sexual intercourse and marriage. That is, we ought to affirm the beauty of the exclusive mutual commitment to love and respect each other in the marital relationship and stress the necessity of that being present before intercourse takes place.

Should we stop at outlawing abortion? Shouldn’t ...

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