Animals Aren’T Brothers

Your trilogy of articles, “Animal Lib” [June 18], lacks balance. While any Christian would abhor cruel treatment of animals, they are not, as Loren Wilkinson quotes Saint Francis, our brothers and sisters. Paul says the flesh of men and animals is not the same (1 Cor. 15). Christ gave his life for human beings, not animals. True, those for whom he died will have care and concern for the animal kingdom; but they may also eat the animals. Romans 14 gives us the freedom to choose what we eat. None of your writers mentioned the fact that Noah was instructed to take seven pairs of the clean beasts into the ark with him. Just for sacrifices? I think not.

Pat P. Darnell

Hot Springs, Ark.

Many Christians who profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ are also against the idea of animal liberation. It has aroused my cynicism to realize that most Christians who get arrested for saving unborn fetuses care not a whit for living, breathing animals who are daily tortured, maimed, and killed to satisfy humankind’s lust for fashion, food, and amusement. It has always seemed to me a contradiction. Hats off to CT for providing a well-balanced, fair portrayal of animal rights.

Annette L. Ravinsky

Philadelphia, Pa.

I was surprised that Tim Stafford omitted a crucial statement by Jesus: “Ye are of more value than many sparrows.” For Christians, this should settle the question of whether man is simply another animal, with no greater planetary importance than any other species.

I’m strongly in favor of the animal-rights movement in general, but if animal welfare must sometimes give way to human needs, there is nothing illogical or unchristian about that.

Reo M. Christenson

W. Carrollton, Ohio

None of your articles addressed ...

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