Banned In The Usa

Conservative crusader Donald Wildmon has won the first round of a battle to keep a British documentary about censorship of obscene materials off the air in the U.S. The documentary prominently features Wildmon, who claims that broadcasting the film in the U.S. will hurt his reputation by association with the film’s sexually graphic elements.

According to the suit filed against the producers of Damned in the U.S.A., Wildmon granted an interview for the documentary upon condition that the producers give him control over the film’s distribution beyond England’s Channel 4.

Christian Colleges
Prof Fired

For 16 years, Walter Dunnett, 68, taught in the Bible department at Northwestern College, a conservative, nondenominational Bible college in Roseville, Minnesota. But Dunnett was recently informed that his contract would not be renewed.

Dunnett told a Pioneer Press reporter he was dismissed because he recently was ordained into the Episcopal priesthood. Dunnett said one school official told him, “We can’t tolerate that. What would people think?”

College officials say his dismissal was due to disagreement over basic doctrinal issues.

In Court
Quaker Taxes

Friends Journal, a Quaker magazine, has agreed to pay $31,343 in back taxes for its editor and manager, who had refused to pay them because some of the money might be used for military purposes.

Scientology Sues

A $416 million suit has been filed against Time magazine by the Church of Scientology, which charges that the magazine libeled the church in its May 6, 1991, cover story, “The Cult of Greed.”

Prolife Journalists Win

Two journalists who claimed they were fired because of their involvement in the prolife movement have settled out of court with their former ...

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