Tom Hanks bested Tom Hanks at the box office this weekend as the animated hit Toy Story 2, which features Hanks' voice as cowboy Woody, just barely beat out new release The Green Mile, starring Hanks as a Depression-era prison guard. Looking beyond the top ten, Tobey Maguire bested Tobey Maguire as the John Irving adaptation The Cider House Rules outperformed the Ang Lee Civil War drama Ride with the Devil, which both star Maguire.

Toy Story 2 ($18.2 million)

Woody, Buzz, and the gang continued to reap stellar reviews from Christian critics, not just for being a G-rated endeavor but for having "surpassed almost every movie of the 1990's in storytelling, characterization, action, and comic genius," in the words of Jeffrey Overstreet of Gree n Lake Reflections. The sequel to the 1995 hit finds Woody abducted by a greedy antiques collector, and it's up the rest of the toys from Andy's room to rescue him. Doug Cummings of Movies & Ministry was impressed with the depiction of a strong and diverse community. "In a certain sense," he writes, "the toys in Andy's room resemble Paul's description of Christian community in Romans 12. Each toy uses its own gifts to contribute to the community's overall purpose." Culture@Home's Sarah Barnett was impressed with the self-sacrificial qualities that the toys demonstrate: "The value of being what you are made to be, and meeting the needs of others in this case the boy Andy is emphasized without too much sentimentality." Find more opinions on this movie in the previous Film Forum, where different critics paralleled the owner/toy relationship to that of God and humans, of parents and children, and of two friends.

The Green Mile ($18 million)

Frank Darabont's previous movie, The Shawshank Redemption, ...

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