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Correction: The Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, not 1991. (Spirituality Without Religion, Nov. 23)

Presbyterians Support Same-Sex Unions (Dec. 10)
Ever since you started your daily news reporting, I have gone to your site on a daily basis, looking for news to report on my independent news site, www.presbyweb.com, and have indeed found good material that I could use. However, I was far from impressed when I read your report "Presbyterians Support Same-Sex Unions". For one, it was old news, and an appeal in this case has already been filed (as Presbyweb was the first to report this week). Besides, your assertion that the PCUSA site has nothing obvious about the decision on its site is dead wrong. Of course, the Presbyterian News Service, a thoroughly professional and well-staffed outfit, had a report on it; it is dated November 23, and can be found on the PCUSA site, on, filed away already under "Index of 1999 News Articles."
Also, you mention a second case, about Graham van Keuren. You almost make it sound as if the Presbyterian Church has decided that he can become a minister. That is not the case. To accept him as a candidate for ministry was certainly a strange decision, seen in the light of his public assertion that he felt called both to the ministry and to living in a sexually active, loving, monogamous gay relationship, but he was explicitly told that he could not be ordained unless he or the policy of the church changed. You do not mention the two other cases, in which the decisions were along traditional lines, one of which has also been appealed.

Hans Cornelder
Editor, Presbyweb.com

I can guarantee the Lord Jesus is weeping and I pray that His wrath won't come more swiftly than the repentance of those who support this. This is totally not under the Lord God's anointing. So much of this is going on and it's time we take a stand in the Name of Jesus and take back what the devil has stolen. Satan has stolen our morality and ethics and keeps de-sensitizing us slowly but surely. We are in the final days, yes and this is just more proof that the Word of God is the Truth and that much more is to be expected. But by the love of Jesus and in His name I pray for all nations and cultures to know Him, really get to know Him. I weep for my brothers and sisters.

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Jason Flugum
Mankato, Minnesota

Amassed Media: Evolution Wars (Dec. 8)
Most of the cultural warfare between evolutionists and doctrinal Christians arose from the absence of church discipline of rogue ministers and ministries (with no active church membership themselves) who chastised scientists. Had unified denominational discipline of the rogues resulted in cutting off of media ministry network air time and allied financial feedstock, scientists might prove tolerant of the dissent shown by rational Christian apologists. The way to reverse the blaming game of humanist scientists about antievolutionism is to prune off the airwaves our most offensive examples of vitriol and venom that have no Christlikeness in either their media message or their core values.

Lawrence Eugene Dunlap
Houston, Texas

Making Room for God (Dec. 6)
I just wanted to indicate my support of your book review: Rolheiser and Demerest: Demerest appears stuck at the earlier stage of actual spiritual evolution, wherein one seeks to remove themselves from the carnal world and explore God within through the lifestyle of the hermit (which may involve a mental/emotional removal, though the physical body still is in contact with others sufficiently to sustain the body). Rolheiser, the fully trained Catholic, seems to have moved to the next stage beyond this, where he is coming out into the world from a life long self-enlargement as a hermit, and is now manifesting his spiritual gifts as a mystic to the rest of us. We are blessed by both of these authors as they exemplify their different stages on the path of the Holy Spirit back to oneness with God, a path on which we are all moving.

Paul Ranney
Springfield, Missouri

Redeeming Fire (Dec. 1)
The article written by Edward Gilbreath is astonishingly true. I have been a National Baptist all of my 59 years, and have noticed some of the same sins that Rev. Lyons was guilty of is generally indicative in many of our local churches and black organizations. The lack of fiscal accountability is prevalent. Attempts at reform are usually labeled "satanic" by those in power, and those voices are "silenced." Further investigations will reveal that the Lyon findings are indeed reflective of many Black Baptist Churches in the NBC. Of course when the truth finally emerges, the "race card" is usually played. And the victims, as in most scams, are too ashamed to admit that they have been duped and expose the culprit(s). More expose would be welcome and healthy.

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Jeff Holt

Ned Graham's Woes Shake East Gates Ministries (Nov. 24)
Thank you for the story on Ned Graham. As I read it, I could not help thinking that rather than condemn him and desert his ministry, those around him should instead exercise the grace from the Lord Jesus Christ to heal him. It's difficult, being an African, to understand American culture, but I think for his wife to leave him and his board and ministry co-workers to resign was too harsh. His addictions and sins can be confessed, repented from, and forgiven in the name of Jesus. He can be delivered from bondage to alcohol, pornography, violence, and unhealthy friendship with non-related females. The Lord Jesus Christ was not willing to condemn the adulterous woman. Is the grace of Christ not sufficient so that Carol Graham, the East Gates Ministry, and all Christians can find it in their hearts to forgive and restore Ned Graham to their bosom, if he will be humble and contrite enough to repent of his sin? May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, heal and restore Ned Graham to God, his family, the ministry, and to the body of Christ.

Sam M. Mwale
Nairobi. Kenya

I believe your article presented the facts. It appears that you were in communication with Ned Graham, balancing your story. I was surprised at the East Gates Web site, which stated: "If you have joined us via the CT link, we have chosen not respond to gossip or inaccurate journalism." That was incongruous with the spirit of his words as recorded in the article: he had seemed humble and repentant. Yet the EGMI site repudiates CT with no admittance. Now, in order to proceed without bias, what should I assume? That you have given us all the facts, or that I have been reading gossip? If I believe that you have given all the facts, I am left with the conundrum as to how Ned Graham could have shared those sentiments and then gone back on them. Also, thank you for not using the word 'scandal.'

Brian Crouch
Seattle, Washington

Ned Graham should resign. The Graham name does not give him permission to go on like nothing never happened. Like Clinton he has disgraced his office and moral ability to lead. Yes there is forgiveness, but there are consequences to our actions.

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Mark DiNunzio

Shopping for the Real Me (Nov. 24)
I had to write and tell you that the article "Shopping for the Real Me" struck a huge note with me. If ever I felt the Lord speaking to me (and putting me to shame) it was with those articles. I, too, have fallen prey to the must-have-more-don't-be-satisfied-with-what-God-has-given-you mentality. It's especially easy at Christmas. Praise God He can work in our hearts to change even this attitude. It was a great article.

Theresa Little
Bristol, Connecticut

Apologetics' Missing Links (Nov. 19)
Thanks for your excellent Editorial on the need of Apologetics sites to touch on the issue of truth. I host an apologetics site in Spanish, called Mente Abierta (Open Mind), that is growing in content little by little. Yes, I do have an article on truth ("The truth about The Truth"). Your article has helped me to convince myself of addressing this problem.

Jose R. Martinez-Villamil
Barcelona, Spain

Scout's Dishonor (Nov. 2)
Does the scout code forbid divorced scout leaders, leaders who have committed adultery? Leaders who rent X-rated movies, leaders who have had multiple marriages, going through a divorce, etc. What about children of homosexuals, can they be scouts and their parents participate? I am truly not sure of my stand on this issue but I just had such an uncomfortable feeling of not allowing God to be the judge in this case.

Susan Perno