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Correction: The Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, not 1991. (Spirituality Without Religion, Nov. 23)

Presbyterians Support Same-Sex Unions (Dec. 10) Ever since you started your daily news reporting, I have gone to your site on a daily basis, looking for news to report on my independent news site, www.presbyweb.com, and have indeed found good material that I could use. However, I was far from impressed when I read your report "Presbyterians Support Same-Sex Unions". For one, it was old news, and an appeal in this case has already been filed (as Presbyweb was the first to report this week). Besides, your assertion that the PCUSA site has nothing obvious about the decision on its site is dead wrong. Of course, the Presbyterian News Service, a thoroughly professional and well-staffed outfit, had a report on it; it is dated November 23, and can be found on the PCUSA site, on, filed away already under "Index of 1999 News Articles." Also, you mention a second case, about Graham van Keuren. You almost make it sound as if the Presbyterian Church has decided that he can become a minister. That is not the case. To accept him as a candidate for ministry was certainly a strange decision, seen in the light of his public assertion that he felt called both to the ministry ...

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