Hillary Clinton attacks New York mayor for religion comments

Clinton, who is running against Rudolph Giuliani for United States Senate, is "outraged that he would inject religion into this campaign in any form whatsoever." In an October fundraising letter the First Lady was apparently only recently made aware of, Giuliani said his opponent harbors "hostility toward America's religious traditions." (See related coverage in the New York Post.)

I was only joking, says Salon's sex columnist

Dan Savage, the gay writer of a sex column for Salon.com, says his recent article about trying to infect then-presidential candidate Gary Bauer with the flu was a joke and that he was merely pulling his readers' legs, reports the Associated Press. Yes, he really did have the flu, really did join the Bauer campaign, really did hand Bauer his pen for an autograph, and really did vote illegally in the Iowa caucuses. But now he says his flu was past the infectious stage. Besides, he says, "at that stage of the campaign, Bauer had probably been exposed to everything, shaking hands with thousands of people and picking up babies. He was probably more of a threat to me."

Largest pro-life organization endorses Bush

The National Right to Life Committee endorsed George W. Bush's presidential bid Wednesday, criticizing competitor John McCain's stance on abortion as inconsistent. The senator retaliated by saying the Right to Life Committee is part of the "Washington establishment," which he says opposes him.

Anglican archbishops blame 'apostacy' for irregular ordinations

"The actions of the Primus of Scotland have gone unrebuked as the boundaries of Christian and Anglican faith have been notoriously breached," Moses Tay, Archbishop of South-East Asia, and Emmanuel ...

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