James Dobson criticizes Gary Bauer's endorsement of John McCain

Yesterday, Focus on the Family founder and president James Dobson criticized Gary Bauer's endorsement of John McCain for president. In addition to faulting McCain for campaign finance issues and accepting support from gay republicans, Dobson said McCain "has offered no assurances that he intends to appoint a pro-life running mate or pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court," reports the Associated Press. Dobson emphasized he was speaking for himself, not Focus on the Family, and said his criticism shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of any candidate. Dobson and Bauer have historically been very close: the two co-authored a book together, and Dobson created Family Research Council, the organization Bauer ran for ten years until his short-lived run for the presidency.

World editor responds to Safire column

"To my knowledge, everything in our Feb. 19 McCain cover story is accurate," says Marvin Olasky in a response to William Safire's harsh criticism of the magazine in yesterday's New York Times. After a few corrections and clarifications, he continues, "World is small compared to Time and Newsweek—we're in the circulation ballpark of The New Republic or The Nation—but we take our biblical responsibilities seriously. Is that a crime?" (The magazine echoes Olasky's column in its Feb. 26 issue, summarizing Safire's column thusly: "Our crime? The Feb. 19 issue raised questions about John McCain The New York Times refuses to raise.")

Religious groups can participate in federal literacy programs

The groups won't have to compromise by covering up religious symbols or hiring staff that doesn't agree with their beliefs, according to guidelines approved by the House ...

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