10 Commandments now more important agenda item for Christian groups than abortion

So claims a professor of religious studies at Washington University. Meanwhile, reports the Associated Press, 10 Commandments merchandise is flying out of Christian bookstores Christian music industry picks up the pace

While the music sales in general increased 6.1 percent last year, Christian and gospel music nearly doubled that rate, growing by 11.7 percent. Christian retailers saw a 19.7 percent jump in their music sales. Is the growth because of more "preaching to the choir" or more crossover artists like Sixpence None the Richer? The Tennessean says it's both.

"There is nothing sinister" about Baptist evangelism or prayer guides, says David Gushee

We "are doing … what we have always done," says the Christianity Today regular and Union University professor.

Putin wants Christianity to "support the spiritual and moral revival of the Fatherland."

Financial Times reports that Russia's new leader, once responsible for suppressing religion under Communism, will both emphasize freedom of conscience and believes the Russian Orthodox Church will "help mould a new sense of Russian nationhood." But what does he believe about Russia's 1997 law restricting sects?

Australia's acting prime minister tries to settle church job placement debate

"The agencies, having won a tender, ought not discriminate in any way shape or form in the case of these people they are seeking to employ, that is a critical issue here," says John Anderson. But he adds that churches can seek employees who share values. For more on the controversy, see this Financial Times story.

Egypt will offer compensation to victims of last week's Christian-Muslim violence

Meanwhile, search continues for instigators and others involved in riots that left 21 dead—all but one Christians.

Hindu group announces major "reconversion" effort

"We are under great threat, we must remain on guard," says leader of Hindu fundamentalist group.Jane Fonda gossip continues

WorldNetDaily's original gossip piece claiming Ted Turner and Jane Fonda's recent breakup was caused in large part by the latter's conversion to Christianity is gaining notice everywhere from England's Sunday Times to the Associated Press. Zimbabwe seeing "search for spiritual nourishment … never experienced before"
But the All Africa News Agency sees danger in so many conversions.

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