Ban on Internet gambling fails in U.S. House of Representatives

An attempt to ban most forms of gambling on the Internet failed on Monday, just 25 votes shy of a necessary two-thirds majority (the two-thirds majority was needed because it was brought to the floor under suspension, which prohibits amendments). Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), who sponsored the bill, said he wanted the House to bring it up for another vote to "honor the will of the majority." The bill had been backed by the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, the National Council of Churches, and others. See more coverage in USA Today, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR's Morning Edition, and Wired News. See the bill text here and how your representative voted here.

Muslims blamed for church bombings in India

As Hindu fundamentalists continue to attack and terrorize Christians throughout India, authorities in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh say it was Muslims, not Hindus, who were responsible for recent attacks on churches. Four men, said to be connected to a Muslim sect based in Pakistan, have been arrested.

Greece takes religion off ID cards

As promised, the Greek government removed the obligatory religious affiliation field from citizens' identification cards. The Greek Orthodox Church says it will continue to fight "the implementation of an irrational, anti-religious plan with complete contempt for the opinion of our faithful people."

Roberta Hestenes to leave church for World Vision

Roberta Hestenes, senior pastor of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and a Christianity Today Corresponding Editor, told her church Wednesday that she will be leaving the church in September to work with international Christian humanitarian organization World Vision (where she has served as chairwoman of the board). "I have loved being here, but there has been more administration and nitty-gritty problem-solving than I really want to do," Hestenes told the San Diego Union-Tribune, adding that recent controversy over Solana Beach's former senior pastor Donald McCullough did not influence her decision "in a substantial way."

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