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March 6 , 2000
Volume 44, Number 3
March 6
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Table of Contents
At the center of Mister Rogers’s cheery songs and smiles lies a God-ordained mission to children.
Working together, churches are breathing new life into a decaying California city.
Save in order to give your life away, not to retire comfortably.
The grisly business of trafficking in fetal body parts may soon face Congressional hearings.
A day of rest is God's gift to us.
Hidden victims of religious persecution find refuge in America.
Sculptor Frederick Hart's painful vindication.
Thou shalt avoid Ten Commandments tokenism.
The church should divorce the military.
The master of horror's latest novels show a rich appreciation of the atonement.
Some say speaking in tongues is proof of 'baptism in the Holy Spirit.' Are those who haven't spoken in tongues without the Holy Spirit?—Renea Chastain, Phoenix, Arizona
Classic and contemporary excerpts
An effective evangelical witness hinges on understanding the new face of Latter-day Saints
Beyond Gay
How to be offensive without really trying
More Christians campaign against media violence.
'Trusted employee' changed with money laundering, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, and theft.
Abortion Cases Move to High Court
Evangelicals, feminists make common cause against sex trafficking.
Miami churches protest NCC efforts to return Elián González to Cuba.
Catholic church established in principle.
As Christian tourism surges, Holy Land believers brave troubled future.
Archaeologists upset over unsupervised excavations
Efforts opening doors to evangelism, church planting
Ecumenical News International
Ecumenical News International
A year after NATO bombing, Yugoslav Christians discover unity in caring for the poor.
One year later, Christian leaders examine the International Religious Freedom Act.
Loosened rules in Russia may mean better times for religious freedom.
Top Story July 20, 2018
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight Poverty
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight Poverty
How Christian discipleship affects household income.