Gore's advisers want him to attack Bush's Christianity, says Robert Novak

"Key advisers to Al Gore are pressing for a campaign that would stress the danger of Christian extremists and too much religiosity generally in the White House if George W. Bush were elected president," reports the columnist. "The vice president's strategists months ago outlined a three-pronged assault against Bush, attacking him on abortion, gun control and the environment. But Gore insiders question the effectiveness of the environmental approach. Instead, they talk about hitting Bush's support from Christian Coalition president Pat Robertson and the governor's self-identification as a born-again Christian."

Democrats seek to capitalize on Bob Jones controversy in congressional races

"Your Republican opponent may be asked about his/her reaction to Bush's handling of the Bob Jones visit," Fox News reports a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee memo as saying. "Consider issuing a press release, holding a news conference, or writing a letter to the editor to highlight your feelings on the national Republican Party's alliance with right-wing extremist groups."

Seventh-Day Adventists sue over name

You may have encountered radio or newspaper ads from Eternal Gospel Church of Seventh-day Adventists telling you that you're as bad as a Satanist or pagan for worshiping on Sunday. The Seventh-day Adventist Church wants you to know they're not behind it. This is "a classic case of a breakaway church trying to use the mother church's name," says the SDA's lawyer, who calls Eternal Gospel a "hate group". The denomination is suing to bar Eternal Gospel from calling itself "Seventh-Day Adventist." (Imagine all the Baptist lawsuits to follow if the SDA wins … )

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