American Family Association pushes for separation of church and state

The American Family Assocation, headed by Don Wildmon, usually pushes for more religion in the schools. They're big on the whole "freedom of religion, not freedom from religion" argument (not that it's a bad argument.) But not this time. Now they've brought legal action against the Lexington, Massachusetts, school system to keep it out of pro-homosexual Coming Out Week activities because—(ironic pause)—churches are cosponsoring several of the events. U.S. District Court Judge Joseph L. Tauro rejected the AFA's motion. (From what Weblog can tell, Tauro's decision isn't available online.)

Jars of Clay is back to being just a Christian band, says paper

An article in the Orange County Register, reprinted this week in the Chicago Tribune, recounts Jars of Clay's 1995 success. "At the time, they looked like they would be the first Christian rock band to obtain real stardom as crossover artists, akin to what Sixpence None the Richer is doing now," writes Matt Degen. "Don't think that Jars of Clay were a flash in the pan, though. Mainstream listeners may have tuned them out after their self-titled debut, but they have found remarkable success among contemporary Christian music fans, the audience they first played to when they started their career doing gigs at Greenville College in Illinois, where the members came together." For such a short article, it has some excellent insights into the nature of Christian music, fame, and other subjects. Anyone who read Christianity Today's November 15, 1999, cover story on the band will appreciate this follow-up.

Why are conservatives questioning the Clintons' marriage?

"The questioning of Mrs. Clinton for staying with ...

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