Behold, the saviors of Christian Web sites, run by four Princeton grads in their mid-twenties, has announced it's taking over Pat Robertson's Web site. It has already pulled one Christian Web site out of the ashes: streaming-audio site "In February of this year, we acquired under circumstances similar to those of, and within three months were able to stabilize it and manage it to profitability," the company explained in a letter to partner ministries. "We hope to do the same thing with the network, while continuing to provide a high level of service and working hard to make the original vision a reality." More news to come, surely. We don't know, for example, what's going to happen to (Weblog left a voice mail message this morning).

Nigeria's Shari'ah law gets a lot messier
A young man charged with theft in northern Nigeria had a plan to save his hand from amputation: he told the court he had converted to Christianity, and thus immune from the controversial Islamic law being implemented in much of the African nation. In court yesterday, he recanted his conversion. "I am a Muslim, my parents are Muslims," the thief, Mohamed Ali, said. "I did it under confusion and I regret it. I pray for forgiveness." The court didn't amputate his hand, reasoning that he didn't steal enough to warrant the punishment. He got nine months in prison and 30 lashes instead. Still, Ali's story highlights the problem of Shari'ah law in Nigeria, where Muslims say the laws won't apply to Christians.

Elsewhere in Nigeria, the president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria is predicting a bloodbath after several churches were razed. And in the northern city of Kano, several Muslims killed a Christian truck driver after he accidentally ran over a copy of the Koran one of them had dropped.

Rescuing the Burnhams?
Weblog has said this before, but it looks like something big might happen this weekend or early next week in the attempt to free New Tribes missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. Check Yahoo's full coverage area, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, and ABS-CBN for updates.

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