The Army's secret forces?
There's a conspiracy afoot, says the front page of today's Washington Post.The Salvation Army has worked out a deal with the White House to publicly support and lobby for the faith-based initiative in exchange for a regulation allowing it to (dum-dum-duuuuuuum) discriminate against homosexuals. That's the Post's take, anyway. A leaked memo suggests that the White House will issue a new federal regulation—after the charitable choice legislation makes it through Congress—guaranteeing that local governments can't mandate the hiring of homosexuals by religious charities and churches. "The document offers a rare glimpse into the private dealings of the Bush White House, and it suggests President Bush is willing to achieve through regulation ends too controversial to survive the legislative process," Dana Milbank writes sinisterly. "It also underscores the close allegiance between the administration and conservative groups."

Milbank makes a couple of brief references to the Army's "theological foundation," but doesn't note that it isn't a charity, it's a church—with actual beliefs and doctrines, including a long-time opposition to homosexual behavior. Even more importantly, the Army was founded out of a concern for both moral and social decay. Hmm, where was it that Weblog recently read, "Few people realize that the Salvation Army is an evangelical Protestant denomination of more than a million members in 107 countries, with its own creed, ordained clergy, seminaries and spiritual mission: 'To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination"? Where was that? Oh yeah! The front page of The Washington Post, about seven months ago!

The Salvation Army isn't on a ...

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