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October 1 , 2001
Volume 45, Number 12
October 1
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Table of Contents
Why shouldn't we use our embryos and genes to make our lives better? The world awaits a Christian answer
The director of the National Human Genome Research Institute answers questions about the morality of his work
Can a clone be an individual? A short story
Religious language falling into the hands of scientists can be a fearful thing
Scientists may be mapping the genome, but it will be up to us to determine where the map will lead
In the face of retirement and death, the founder of Campus Crusade says his spirit still soars
Meet Kirbyjon Caldwell—megachurch pastor, real-estate whiz, community developer, and the President's spiritual confidant
Conservatives advocate amendment to preserve traditional matrimony
International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Human Rights in Iran win appeal of Los Angeles statute.
Elsinore Christian Center seeks to relocate into commercial zone
Independent survey finds perceptions of racial, gender, and religious discrimination
Publishing firm faces falling revenues, lawsuits from Gaylord.
Pastor Steve Grey and two-thirds of the congregation move from Smithton to Kansas City
After taking in 18,000 Christians with gifting program, five leaders convicted.
President Bush ramps up religious freedom efforts
The Punjab government forbids publication, sale, and possession
Taliban alleges housing group's staff engaged in evangelism
Church leaders worry that aid chaos will follow dictator's death
With escalating violence in Israel, ministries face a sad and scary situation
Some corporations have discovered that bioethics makes good public relations
A poll of Christians says Jesus would skip church. Who are these people
Why evangelicals should love language that is slippery
What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Laos
Quotations to stir heart and mind
Did Jesus forbid us from judging others?
Hearing 'When I was in school' helps our children no more than it helped us.
David Simpich's marionettes learn that their lives are controlled by a force from above
How a modest English church offers troubled and creative souls space to grow
Good writing and acting cover a multitude of biases on The West Wing.
Biotechnology threatens to turn humanity into raw material
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Have Mercy as God Has Mercy
Mercy is what holiness looks like in the lives of God's children.