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April 1 2002, 2002
Volume 46, Number 4
April 1
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Cover Story

Cover: The Church of Oprah
With a congregation of 22 million viewers, Oprah Winfrey has become one of the most influential spiritual leaders in America.
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"Is there any doubt that the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses is indeed the God of the Muslim, the Jew, and the Christian?"
Quotation Marks
Cal Thomas allegedly quotes John Ashcroft on Islam and more comments from around the world.
Go Figure
Orlando's Holy Land Experience surpasses first year expectations and Christian music soars in 2001.
Holy Health
A Vatican bishop links sin with sickness.
King Herod Was Troubled
University of Washington physician finally has his diagnosis.
Jenkins Gets Left Behind
Tim LaHaye signs Bantam Dell book deal for $45 million.
"Heather, Dayna, and Clark?"
The media questions conservative speaker Clark Bowers on his claims of detainment in Afghanistan.
Let's Roll ©®™
The widow of Todd Beamer is concerned that the wrong people are embracing America's new creed.
For Better or Worse
A new study finds that married people live longer and are less depressed.
Bring on the Pentagrams
Schools wrestle with religious freedom in the classroom.
Faith-based Give-in
Compromise bill for religious nonprofits gains grudging support.
"Presbyterians: Presbyterians Reaffirm Fidelity, Chastity Rule"
Conservatives gain last needed vote to defeat Amendment A.
Public Religion: Sidestepping Pluralism
National Prayer Breakfast drops Muslim from program.
Gambling: Fighting Chance
Bible-belt churches gear up for lottery battles in Tennessee and North Carolina.
Broadcast Bloodletting
Flap over political identity forces NRB president to resign.
Bible Translation: TNIV Critics Blast Scripture 'Distortions'
But evangelical backers of new translation say gender changes are 'accurate.'
India: Unwanted Girls Aborted
Christians in India fight female feticide and illegal prenatal testing.
Turkey: Zoning Laws a Pretext for Harassment
Only a handful of Turkey's evangelical churches meet in state-recognized church buildings.
Holy Land Tourism Plunges
Visits to Israel fall 45 percent as violence escalates.
Kenya: U.S. Blacks Preach Abstinence Gospel
Mission workers testify that Christ helps control sexual urges.
New Zealand: New Zealand Christians Decry Unmarried Couples Law
Property rights will be extended to unmarried partners who have lived together for three years.
Why the TNIV Draws Ire
"No translation is perfect, and each must be read with a careful exegetical eye."
Enough Bullying
Wayne Pederson's point was on target: evangelicalism risks identification more as a political movement than a theological one.
Oprah's Gurus
"Four popular New Age voices featured on Winfrey's television show and in her magazine, O."
Easter in an Age of Terror
Living and dying—and living again—after September 11.
Farther In and Deeper Down
Evangelicals of all stripes are reviving the neglected art of expository preaching.
The Danger Ahead
Haddon Robinson on the precarious future of evangelical preaching.
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
'Jesus Only' Isn't Enough
Where exactly do Oneness Pentecostals stand in relation to orthodoxy? Are they in or out?
The Long View: The Virtue of Unoriginality
The old kind of Christian is the best hope for church renewal.
A Beautiful Reminder
Ron Howard's Oscar-winning film packs an unintentional biblical message.
Grace Meets the Real World
"American 'roots' music (a la the Grammy-winning O Brother, Where Art Thou?) is making a comeback for reasons Christians can readily understand."
One Pilgrims' Regress
Church-bashers have another collection of horror stories to give them goose bumps.
What Do Women-Ghosts Want?
A multi-genre film explores life after death—with maddening results.
Why Do They Hate Us?
How to turn the Baywatch syndrome into the Jesus syndrome.