The most-read Christianity Today article among online readers wasn't even posted in 2002—it's a reflection on anger after the 9/11 terror attacks. Many other articles, such as a Frederica Mathewes-Green column on sex and a 2001 cover story on Ned Flanders of The Simpsons showed similar staying power. But many of Christianity Today's other top stories were more about Islam than about Christianity. Below, in descending order of popularity, are the fifteen most popular articles of the year.

Taking It Personally

What do we do with all this anger?
By Edward Gilbreath | posted 9/14/01

Stunning New Evidence that Jesus Lived

Scholars link first-century bone box to James, brother of Jesus.
By Gordon Govier | posted 10/21/2002

Don't Let Your Kids Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

But you can tape it and watch after they go to bed.
By Todd Hertz | posted 09/18/2002

Aliens and Wonders

A Hindu director who attended Christian schools tells a parable about a Christ-haunted ex-priest in Signs.
By Douglas LeBlanc | posted 08/01/2002

I Was Just Wondering …

Twenty questions that nag me after September 11.
By Philip Yancey | posted 02/18/2002

Your World: Sex and Saints

A new vocabulary for an oversexualized culture.
By Frederica Mathewes-Green | posted 4/11/00

Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?

The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.
By Timothy George | posted 02/01/2002

The Church of O

With a congregation of 22 million viewers, Oprah Winfrey has become one of the most influential spiritual leaders in America.
By LaTonya Taylor | posted 03/22/2002

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

The controversy reveals a struggle for the soul of Islam.
By James A. Beverley | posted 12/28/2001

Hell's Final Enigma

Won't heaven's joy be spoiled by our awareness of unsaved loved ones in hell?
By J.I. Packer | posted 04/24/2002

Why Do They Hate Us?

How to turn the Baywatch syndrome into the Jesus syndrome.
By Philip Yancey | posted 03/27/2002

Saint Flanders

He's the evangelical next door on The Simpsons, and that's okily dokily among many believers.
by Mark I. Pinsky | posted 1/26/01

CT Classic: Is Halloween a Witches' Brew?

Or have Christians been spooked out of celebrating a part of their rich tradition?
By Harold L. Myra | posted 10/5/00

Weblog: Dobson Again Calls For Parents To Pull Kids Out of Public Schools

Plus: Israel limits immigration of Christians, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Compiled by Ted Olsen | posted 07/09/2002

Keys to Forgiving

How do you know that you have truly forgiven someone?
By Lewis B. Smedes | posted 12/06/01