January (Web-only) 2002

Christian Music You Haven't Heard
Christian Music You Haven't HeardSubscriber Access Only
Having trouble finding Icelandic techno in your bookstore? Try online
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Subscriber Access Only
It's well nigh impossible to hate the warm-hearted Harry Potter. A review of 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.'
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You
Coming Soon to a Screen Near YouSubscriber Access Only
"Big screen and small screen features focus on C.S. Lewis, WWII pacifists, and young love"
To the End, a Baptist Preacher
To the End, a Baptist PreacherSubscriber Access Only
If you want to know Martin Luther King Jr., consult his sermons.
As U.S. Troops Gear Up in Philippines, Tape of Burnhams Finally Airs TonightSubscriber Access Only
But is it possible to both free the missionaries and eradicate their captors? And does it really help the war on terrorism?
Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr.Subscriber Access Only
A progress report.
Saying Christian Radio is Too Political May Get Head of Religious Broadcasters FiredSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Hindu radicals' latest lie about Christians in India, and other stories from around the world.
Pakistani Christians Praise Plan to End 'Religious Apartheid'Subscriber Access Only
Is The Truth Out There?Subscriber Access Only
Religious columnists find flowers growing in television's wasteland. Part 2 of a midseason look at TV.
Military Drops Rule on Muslim Garb for U.S. Servicewomen in Saudi ArabiaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: DeMoss tries to explain Power for Living to a hostile Germany.
A Beautiful What ?Subscriber Access Only
The Golden Globes honored A Beautiful Mind this week, a true story that tells very little truth. Also: Black Hawk Down— just a bunch of combat scenes? I Am Sam's Sean Penn—begging for an Oscar? Orange County— not another teen movie? Snow Dogs—a must see
'The Ultimate Stem Cell' Is Ethical, TooSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Dove Award nominations, Episcopalians will have to elect a pro-gay Washington bishop, and other stories from around the world.
Peru's Supreme Court Rules Against de VinateSubscriber Access Only
Inter-American human rights court may be the evangelical's last hope.
Australian Governor-General Feels Heat Over Handling of Abuse CaseSubscriber Access Only
Former Anglican archbishop Peter Hollingworth denies that he failed to offer support to victim's family.
Australian Church's Sexual Assault Crisis DeepensSubscriber Access Only
Former Anglican priest in New South Wales sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Tempering Expectations for 'Ultimate Stem Cell'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Martin and Gracia Burnham have been held for nine months and counting. And it's worth freeing them, despite what some are saying.
Final Solution, Part IISubscriber Access Only
The Nazis planned to obliterate Christianity, too, according to newly published Nuremberg documents.
Russian Faithful Plunge Into Icy Water as Holy Act at EpiphanySubscriber Access Only
Biblical events take on a special significance at Istra's New Jerusalem.
Theodore RexSubscriber Access Only
Is popular history getting a bad rap?
Two Years for China Bible Smuggler is Two Years Too Many—But It's Better than DeathSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Ralph Reed reportedly connects Enron to White House, and more horrible deaths at an evangelistic rally in Nigeria.
World's Religions Gather At Assisi to Reject Violence and Call for PeaceSubscriber Access Only
The Pope tells religious groups, Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never again!
Southern Baptist Leaders So Upset About TNIV That Denomination May Abandon NIVSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Hard ministry in Las Vegas, the other Christian music boom, and more stories from around the world.
Proposed Repatriation of Vietnamese Tribal Christians May Be FlawedSubscriber Access Only
The government continues to persecute believers while giving a guarantee for the safety of returning refugees.
The State of the Faith-Based InitiativeSubscriber Access Only
One year after Bush outlined his plan to let religious social-service groups compete for government funds, little has actually made it through Congress.
Implacable Foes Find (Some) Common Ground on Faith-Based InitiativesSubscriber Access Only
Diverse working group's recommendations represent the minimum, not the maximum, that is politically possible.
Who Has the Authority to Ban Satan?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Herod's death revealed, and the school flier that almost undid more than two centuries of religious freedom.
Intelligent Believers on the Big Screen?Subscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about the portrayal of Christians in A Walk to Remember and The Count of Monte Cristo. Plus: The Mothman Prophecies, Kung Pow, and part one of a 2002 preview.
News of the Truly StrangeSubscriber Access Only
Taking offense in the land of absurdity
Comparing the Three NIVsSubscriber Access Only
Meet the White House's New Director of Faith-Based InitiativesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: New big life ethics stories, and many other articles from around the world.
Zion HasteSubscriber Access Only
Does the passion of a few nineteenth-century Chicagoans still influence American policy in the Middle East?
Gong's 'Accusers' Claim Torture Induced False ConfessionsSubscriber Access Only
Letters from imprisoned Christian women in China describe assaults with electric clubs
Coming AttractionsSubscriber Access Only
Books to watch for this year
Bible Smuggler Arrested in ChinaSubscriber Access Only
Egypt's new trial for Muslim-Christian riots in El-Kosheh
Academic Freedom, So Long As You Agree With UsSubscriber Access Only
A Christian president denies Jesus' divinity, and why affluent whites are converting to Islam.
Chinese House Church Leader Granted Time to Appeal Death SentenceSubscriber Access Only
Sentence likely to be commuted to imprisonment, but church remains in danger
Were the Nazis Bad Christians, or Anti-Christians?Subscriber Access Only
China tells U.S. to butt out—it'll persecute Christians as much as it wants
The Adult GospelSubscriber Access Only
The average convert to Islam is 31 years old. Why does Christianity attract mostly teens?
Number of Americans with No Formal Religion Increasing, Survey FindsSubscriber Access Only
Christian population drops from 86 percent in 1990 to 77 percent in 2001, says American Religious Identification Survey.
Murder and Marriage Most FoulSubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about In the Bedroom, Gosford Park, The Shipping News, Imposter, Lantana, Kate and Leopold, and How High
Israeli Government Changes Course, Halts Contentious Nazareth MosqueSubscriber Access Only
Lisa Beamer's baby, the deaths of W.A. Criswell and Forrest Boyd, and many other articles from around the world
Hundreds of U.S. Soldiers at the Frontline to Free BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
How much is living in sin worth? And other stories from media around the world
State of the FragmentationSubscriber Access Only
If society denotes a group with mutual interests and common culture, the American Society of Church History almost doesn't qualify
Carey Announces His Retirement as Archbishop of CanterburySubscriber Access Only
Decision creates opportunity to restructure position
Bishop Appeals For End To Violence In ZimbabweSubscriber Access Only
Political intimidation has mounted in the run-up to the March presidential election
Keeping the Dust on Your BootsSubscriber Access Only
Remembering the Afghan refugees—and the church in Iran.
State Funding of Religious Recovery Program Ruled UnconstitutionalSubscriber Access Only
Milwaukee's voucher debate continues, more persecution of Christians in China, Chuck Colson's heir apparent, and niche marketing on the telly
Israeli Decision to Halt Work on Nazareth Mosque Faces ChallengeSubscriber Access Only
Government officials reportedly favor plan for a larger mosque at an alternative site
Indian Church Leaders Plead For Dialogue to Resolve Tension with PakistanSubscriber Access Only
Dispute follows last month's storming of the Indian parliament complex
Preaching Through the BibleSubscriber Access Only
How I grew my church through 18 years of exploring the scriptures cover-to-cover
SBC Leader W.A. Criswell Dies at 92Subscriber Access Only
Dallas pastor considered the father of modern conservatism in the Southern Baptist Convention
The Prolife PushSubscriber Access Only
Young Life under fire in Burbank
Doctors, Lawyers, and CIA AgentsSubscriber Access Only
Are there any new television shows you should be watching?
Agreement on Faith-Based Initiative Puts Legislation Back in SenateSubscriber Access Only
What happens when Unitarians can't learn how to be witches
The Year in PicturesSubscriber Access Only
Memento, Moulin Rouge, and Monsters Inc. are among the year's most meaningful motion pictures, according to readers and critics. Also: reviews of Brotherhood of the Wolf and Charlotte Gray
Agnostic in Charge of Investigating Church Sex AbuseSubscriber Access Only
Religious apartheid ended in Pakistan, a Denver church gives its pastor a standing ovation for leaving his wife and children, and other stories
Germany Bans Power for LivingSubscriber Access Only
Belfast fights over the legacy of C.S. Lewis's home, and many other stories from media around the Internet
Tell Me a StorySubscriber Access Only
The most helpful church history scholarship is both broad and narrative
Czech Churches Protest Against Law Bringing Religion Under State ControlSubscriber Access Only
New legislation limits church projects, gives government jurisdiction over opening places of worship.
DragonflySubscriber Access Only
A multi-genre film explores life after death—with maddening results.
Emperor's ClubSubscriber Access Only
The Emperor's Club transcends Dead Poets Society
Left Behind II: Tribulation ForceSubscriber Access Only
Tribulation Force will satisfy those who feel the movies are meant to explicitly preach the gospel.
Little SecretsSubscriber Access Only
Little Secrets avoids theological lectures but delivers an engaging story.
Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today Movies did not review this film, but here's what other critics are saying ...
My Big Fat Greek WeddingSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today Movies did not review this film, but here's what other critics are saying ...
To End All WarsSubscriber Access Only
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2002Subscriber Access Only
Freelance music critic and writer for ChristianityToday.com Music.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2002Subscriber Access Only
Assistant editor of Today's Christian Woman.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2002Subscriber Access Only
Writer and co-director of ChristianityToday.com Music.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2002Subscriber Access Only
Music editor for Campus Life magazine.

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George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
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