Sounds like … sophisticated pop/rock with a bit of fusion jazz pop and some modern pop edge. They bring to mind a lot of artists (Over the Rhine, Amy Grant, Alanis Morrisette, Roxette, Watermark, etc.) but their sound is fairly unique.

At a Glance … Out of the Grey is back and better than ever with an album that builds on their old sound while expanding their artistic palette a little. Worth checking out even if you think you know this band.

Like PFR, it's been four long years since we've heard from Out of the Grey, though their absence and return has been far quieter. Perhaps that's because the husband/wife duo never officially called it quits (their recording contract with Sparrow simply expired), or perhaps some felt Out of the Grey had reached its full potential and couldn't offer anything more artistically—indeed, many fans consider their 1991 debut album their best. This is not to say that Scott and Christine Denté haven't been missed. Scott is an undeniably skilled guitarist and many would consider Christine's breathy vocals among the most beautiful and recognizable of female vocalists in Christian music. But I'll admit that although I felt Out of the Grey was always capable of a little more, I too was beginning to think they'd reached an artistic plateau with their fusion jazz-pop sound. Thankfully, one record label believed Scott and Christine still had some creative life to them—Rocketown Records, the label for guitar-pop-playing married couples (Watermark and formerly Wilshire). Which brings us to Out of the Grey's sixth studio album, their first for Rocketown … hence the title 6.1.

Over the course of their previous five albums, Out of the Grey has always struck me as a little ...

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