"There is one God and his name is not Allah."

Sign at Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ, Long Beach, California. After a community uproar, the church changed Allah to self.

"I wanted to hide in a church, but that was the worst place to go. Instead, a Muslim family took me. They saved my life."

Jean Pierre Sagahutu, a Rwandan Tutsi and Muslim convert. Islam has doubled to 14 percent of the country's population since the 1994 genocide that left 800,000 Tutsis dead.

"It'll be like a narcotic; they can't then free themselves later on."

Pat Robertson, in March, on government grants to faith-based organizations. In October, Robertson's Operation Blessing International received a grant of $500,000.

"The robe makes us responsible and protects us from any wrongdoing,"

Christodoulos, Greek Orthodox archbishop of Athens, rejecting a request by priests for dress code leniency.

"In our opinion, to kill these three is necessary."

Ayatollah Mohsen Mujahted Shabestari, on Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham.

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