Sounds like … synth-pop/techno of '80s and '90s groups like Depeche Mode, New Order, Mortal, and Code of Ethics

At a glance … The Winter of Our Discontent is a beautifully crafted album that combines ethereal ambience and programmed rhythms with techno beats and modern effects, united by poetic lyrics from a Christian worldview

The Echoing Green has been making music for more than ten years, but they haven't been able to stick with one record company. The Albuquerque, New Mexico based synth-pop group has bounced from one Christian label to another, only to have each go out of business after an album or two. Tired of having their music go out of print with each label's demise, The Echoing Green is now content with being an independent artist on the indie label A Different Drum; it may mean fewer sales, but the business arrangements are more stable. The Echoing Green has since reacquired the rights to their past albums and released an anthology called The Evergreen Collection. Group mastermind Joey Belville also keeps busy producing albums and designing artwork for other Different Drum projects, and long-time collaborator Chrissy Jeter (formerly Franklin) contributes vocals to other groups as well.

Now Belville and Jeter have reunited for The Winter of Our Discontent, offering more of the programmed synth-pop that has defined their career from the beginning. But don't assume this project is somehow second-rate because it's not a major release or because it's "Christian synth-pop." On the contrary, Discontent ranks among the best of The Echoing Green's work, with Belville tackling the bulk of the production, programming, and mixing. Some artists take too much of a purist approach to synth-pop, insisting on sounds ...

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The Winter of Our Discontent
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
April 7, 2003
A Different Drum
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