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Volume 47, Number 5
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Cover Story

Apocalypse Again and Again
The Bible doesn't tell us when to go to war but how to live in a war-ridden world
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Quotation Marks
Selections from Christian leaders during the Iraq War
Go Figure
By mid-March 41 percent of churchgoers said their pastor had not mentioned the war
Marriage in the Dock
Massachusetts case on gay marriage could set off chain reaction.
Prolife Advocates Herald Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
President Bush promises to sign May 13 Senate bill
Called to Account
Tulsa Pentecostal pastor defends his universalism before bishops
Prolife Groups Respond to Conviction of Antiabortion Extremist
James Kopp faces 15 years to life for crime
Battling Bigotry
Widow seeks to stem growing tide of hate crimes
Denomination Thwarts Bankruptcy
Anglicans cut a deal regarding residential schools abuse suits
Before the Refugee Dam Breaks
"Agencies prepare to help up to 900,000 people in Iraq War"
Baptist Alliance Stung by SBC Cuts
Southern Baptist Convention trims funds to Baptist World Alliance
Mercy in Baghdad
North Americans endure bombing to chronicle the war's effects on civilians
Light Verdict Stuns Egypt's Christians
Only 2 of 95 defendants convicted in Muslim mob killings of Copts
Crucial News Service Dies
Religious freedom champion Keston Institute shifts focus
Free Speech for Politicians
God-talk in the public square is healthy
Prayer Warriors
E-Mail newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands to pray about the war
The Bush Doctrine
The moral vision that launched the Iraq war has been quietly growing in the President's inner circle
Missing the Rupture
How two groups address the real issues behind church splits
'I Never Thought I'd See Anything Like that Again'
A famine worse than that of 1984 threatens Ethiopia
Law and Disorder
"Why your church might end up before a judge and jury, and what you can do to prevent it."
A Shrink Gets Stretched
Why psychologist Larry Crabb believes spiritual direction should replace therapy
"Quotations to stir heart and mind from John Stott, Henri Nouwen, and others"
The God of War
God seems to sanction raw violence in the Old Testament. Does his character change in the New Testament?
'Get Mine, Get Yours'
Sexual swagger and slang do not mask a generation's loneliness
Babylon upon a Hill?
Religious thinkers debate how America should use its unrivaled influence
Tough Justice in Texas
Living Next Door to the Death House is a valuable contribution to the capital punishment debate
Loving 'As Is' People
John Ortberg's Everybody's Normal Till You Get To Know Them explores pursuing the dream of community with imperfect people
A Christian Studies Torah
Athol Dickson's The Gospel According to Moses encourages exploration of Jewish roots
Culture Wars: The Prequel
History and myth converge in American Dreams' take on the 1960s
A Familiar Ring
.R.R. Tolkien's grandson shows in Final Witness that strong fiction runs in the family
God of the Maggies
"In broken sinners, Jesus saw not their past but their future"