1. Defining Marriage:As gay-rights activists and judges move toward legal recognition of homosexual unions, moral conservatives push for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage.

2. Iraq War:Attack and occupation destabilize Christian-Muslim relations.

3. House Divided: Anglican Communion teeters on the brink of a breakup over the consecration of openly homosexual bishop Gene Robinson.

4. Abortion Progress: President Bush signs bill outlawing partial-birth abortions, the first legal abortion restriction since Roe v. Wade.

5. Persecution in India: As churches grow among Dalits and Sikhs, Hindu militants crack down.

6. Faith-based Initiative:Stymied politically, Bush uses an executive order to fund social services through religious charities.

7. Economy: Rough financial times bring layoffs and closings at denominations and parachurch agencies.

8. Holy (Land) Terror: Renewed violence in the Middle East impedes administration efforts to jump-start peace process.

9. Life Issues: Brain-damaged Terri Schiavo wins a reprieve; prolife groups rally to support her.

10. Ten Commandments: Alabama chief justice Roy Moore loses his job and his battle to display the Decalogue.

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