The Da Vinci Corrective:Recovering Biblical Equality in the Life of Mary Magdalene
By Catherine Clark Kroeger

Canon Press:
    Evil Art:Da Vinci's Last Supper and the Need for a New Iconoclasm
By Douglas Jones

Chick Publications:
    Opus Day:Everyone's Favorite Cartoon Penguin Invades the Secretive Catholic Organization
By J.T. Chick and Berkley Breathed, with introduction by former Opus Dei leader Alberto Rivera.

Church House Publishing:
    The Da Vinci Code:Imagining Leonardo as an Anglican Isn't Crazier than Dan Brown's Fantasies.
By Rowan Williams

    Gneutered Gnostics:Troubling Gender-Inclusive Language in Da Vinci Code Response Books
By Wayne A. Grudem

    The Rembrandt Code:Understanding the Hidden Calvinist Messages in The Prodigal Son and Other Paintings.
By Hendrik van den Leeuwen

Harvest House:
    The Power of a Praying Painter: The True Meaning and Devotion of Leonardo da Vinci's Art.
    By Stormie Omartian, with a foreword by Thomas Kincade.

Howard Publishing:
    Hugs for Heretics

    Is Saddam Hussein Leonardo da Vinci the Antichrist?
By Charles H. Dyer (Slightly revised from earlier published edition of similar book)

    The DiCaprio Code:Spiritual Messages of Leonardo's Work, From Growing Pains to Catch Me If You Can
By Will Johnson

Also from Relevant:
    Fresh Frescoes:The Spiritual Journey of Dan Brown

    The Da Vinci Threat:How a Painter Blurred the Lines of Gender & Sexual Ethics and Is Still Destroying the Family 500 Years Later
By Joseph Farah

    The Da Vinci Cure:How Leonardo Painted the Perfect Diet
By Don Colbert, M.D.

    The Da Vinci Codependent
By Steve Arterburn

Westminster John Knox:
    The Gospel According to Dan Brown
By Mark I. Pinsky

    Line of ancillary products: The Da Vinci Coat, The Da Vinci Comb, and The Da Vin-Tea Cozy

Zondervan (emergent/ys):
    A New Kind of Code:The Church Needs to Read Heretical Fiction Because It's So Modernist, Man
    By Brian McLaren

Christianity Today:
    Is Gnosticism a Religion of Peace?
By J.I. Packer, Timothy George, and Tom Oden

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