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September 2004
Volume 48, Number 9
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Table of Contents
Wilfred Mlay, World Vision's regional vice president for Africa, discusses the crisis facing black Muslims in Darfur.
Christians say false evidence led to murder acquittals.
Kevin Miller shares tips on Surviving Information Overload
Activists promote other methods
Dying Declaration combines faith, race, and politics into a page-turner.
Buddhist radicals push tough new laws.
With truth under attack, Voddie Baucham Jr. says Christians need to better learn how to engage the culture with the gospel
The Catch tells fishing stories that connect three generations.
Why decadence drives out discipline.
Recent stats on fewer Protestants, female administrators, and religious book sales.
Pastoral care of gay people in our congregations cannot wait.
Christians in Hong Kong worry over remarks by broadcaster.
War does not exempt Christians from the second-greatest commandment.
Genocide in Sudan tests our commitment to justice.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world
The abortion lobby has abandoned its rationales amid pro-life gains.
The international director of HIV/AIDS programs at World Relief talks on our progress, and regress, with AIDS.
Recent quotes on abstinence, playing Jesus, and religious hatred.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Activists say fight against gay marriage has only just begun.
Dissenting mainline churches struggle to retain their property.
Why are so many African Americans attracted to a church that was once identified with white racism?
How to intelligently design a winning case for God's role in creation.
It's just as well that Matt Daniels loves a good fight, because he has a big one on his hands.
The values bandwagon is being pulled apart. Which way is more scriptural?
An almost clich├ęd form of Christian service to the elderly remains one of the most vital.
Debut novel for adults reflects big themes in a small town.
Why the rhetoric doesn't stand up under scrutiny.
Why marriage was designed for male and female.
Why doesn't God cure everyone who prays fervently for healing?
Is it wrong to mow the lawn on Sunday?
Why decadence drives out discipline.
Making amends with Anabaptists, AmeriCorps teachers banned from Catholic schools, and the Graham Staines hospital.
How social revolutions cracked the pillars of marriage.
It's time to cool the rhetoric in the Intelligent Design dispute.
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Blessed Are the Slow
Blessed Are the Slow
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