New Design for Biology Class

In December, the school board for the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania approved a policy that makes students in ninth-grade biology classes aware of problems with Darwin's theory of evolution. The policy also makes students aware of alternative theories, including Intelligent Design. ID proposes that life is too complex to have arisen by random physical processes. The new policy was implemented January 17. However, a federal district court judge has ruled that a two-sentence sticker added to public school science textbooks in Cobb County, Georgia, is unconstitutional. The sticker says, "Evolution is a theory, not a fact. … This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered."

Persecution Watch

For the first time, a Christian has been acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan's lower courts. On December 17, a judge ruled that charges against Anwer Masih were based only on hearsay. ” Police in Eritrea, bordering Ethiopia, arrested 60 members of Rema Charismatic Church meeting in a home on New Year's Eve in Asmara. The government objects to what it calls "illegal religious activities" of people who do not belong to one of four officially sanctioned religions. According to Compass Direct, about 400 evangelicals are believed to be under arrest for their faith, including three prominent pastors jailed since last May.

Millard Fuller Fired

Habitat for Humanity International founder and president Millard Fuller has been fired, according to a January 31 announcement from the ministry, based in Americus, Georgia. Officials also fired Linda Fuller, Millard Fuller's wife and a cofounder of the organization. In a statement, HFH said, "The termination decisions culminate several months of differences between the Fullers and the board over an allegation of inappropriate personal behavior of Millard Fuller toward a now-former female employee, and the Fullers' behavior as the investigation into that complaint unfolded." HFH said there was insufficient evidence to corroborate the complaint, but said Millard Fuller engaged in a "pattern of ongoing public comments and communications … that have been divisive and disruptive to the organization's work." Millard Fuller told the Associated Press the firing is "an unfortunate turn of events." Christianity Today could not reach him for comment.

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