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March 2005
Volume 49, Number 3
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Table of Contents
"The governing ethical criteria are that it's inappropriate to intend someone's death."
What Pentecostals and mainliners can learn from each other.
Mini-reviews of Gilead: A Novel, The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, You're Not Alone: Healing Through God's Grace After Abortion, and Beyond Jabez: Expanding Your Borders.
Can I forgive those who have betrayed me if they are not repentant?
Author says Muslims are troubled by our morals more than our politics.
Eugene Peterson lives what he teaches.
Eugene Peterson talks about lies and illusions that destroy the church.
When a judge violated the church-state peace treaty.
The trick of faith is to believe in advance what will only make sense in reverse.
Even as Jesus loves all human beings, he will judge all human works.
Why this once exciting and 'liberating' philosophy failed to capture the world's imagination.
Europe's most secular country rediscovers its Christian roots.
World Vision's founder led a tragic and inspiring life.
World Vision has become an international force—and a partner with the poor.
Religious prejudice undermines tsunami aid work.
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
The greatest threat to liberty in Iraq is not international terrorism.
Study: TV preachers don't talk about money all that much.
Recent stats on helping the needy, the tsunami, and religious government officials.
Ossuary owner charged with forgery.
The real issue at Baylor is the relationship between faith and learning.
Why all Christians have a stake in the recent resignation of Baylor's president.
The latest on evolution in school, persecution, and other stories.
Pacifist court-martialed for refusing to pick up his weapon.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
Christian school in Colorado alleges discrimination in voucher program.
Author stands by critical book.
Christians tried for anti-gay preaching.
History, resentment, and ethnic tension imperil long-term peace in Sudan.
Christians who provide aid held in deep suspicion.
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes.