Today's Top Ten

Yes, ten. So many interesting stories that we can't stop at five.

1. Australia lifts ban on human cloning
Both the Prime Minister and the new Opposition Leader had wanted to keep the ban on so-called therapeutic cloning, but the House of Representatives still voted 82-62 for the bill. It had earlier passed the Senate by a two-vote margin. The U.S. also allows such cloning, as do Britain, Singapore, and a few other countries.

2. Bible attack case shocks Australia
Young teens from East Preston Islamic College were reportedly feuding with workers at a school camp when three of the boys, ages 13 to 15, got a Bible, threw it on the ground, urinated on it, tore pages out, and then set them on fire. An Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman called it a "prank" and explained, "They've probably seen things on TV where soldiers in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay have reportedly done things to the Koran, and they've seen other things that have influenced their way of thinking." The school principal says the students didn't know it was a Bible, but has expelled two of the students and suspended another.

3. Christian Peacemaker Teams hostages call for "all possible leniency" for kidnappers "Should those who have been charged with holding us hostage be brought to trial and convicted, we ask that they be granted all possible leniency," said a joint statement from Norman Kember, James Loney, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, who were held hostage for four months. A fourth member of their team was killed by their captors, but the survivors claimed to speak for him. "I know that he would have stood with us today (to ask for) clemency for our captors," Loney said. Kember said he won't testify against his captors, and would only testify to plead ...

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