They came from all directions. Skulls and crossbones marked their flags and jackets. They laughed hearty yo-ho-hos. Their buckles were swashed. Their eyes—those eyes not covered with eye patches—flared intensely under the brims of their impressive buccaneer hats. As they approached, snarling and threatening to throw rum bottles at those who got in their way, people scrambled to get out of their path.

And those were just the members of the audience. Fans of the 2003 original Pirates of the Caribbean stormed movie theaters over the weekend in full costume, eager to see the latest adventures of Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, and that legendary pirate loon, Captain Jack Sparrow.

What they got was an action-packed, laugh-inducing sequel more than two-and-a-half hours long— Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In fact, the film's final surprise was greeted with cheers, whistles and applause. Consider their timbers shivered!

In return Disney got a record-breaking weekend—$135.6 million, slamming Spider-Man's record to the ground. (Don't worry—the Webbed Wonder will try and re-take the title next year.)

Many Christian film critics—including myself—were cheering along with the rest of the crowd.

In a year of summer blockbusters that have been disappointing at best, disposable and joyless at worst, Dead Man's Chest arrives like an emergency delivery of fun. Bursting at the seams with adventure, chase scenes, comedy, and monsters so fantastic that Peter Jackson will turn green with envy, it's making this moviegoer shout a hearty yo-ho-hallelujah.

Chest boasts the most spectacular big-screen villain—in presence, design, and personality—since the shadow of Darth Vader first loomed ...

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