Science and Law Haven't Changed on Stem Cells. Has Politics?

Plus: Prolifers rally and ... burn the Qur'an?! On having Ralph Reed to kick around, banning baths, and a bunch of links to a bunch of other stories.

Top five? We barely got time to post these links. Sorry. We'll try to narrow everything down for you next week.

Stem cells:

  1. Hopefuls embrace stem cell research | Md. candidates vie to prove support (The Washington Post)

  2. State takes lead in stem cell efforts | A day after President Bush's veto, the governor orders a $150-million loan to kick-start research now stalled by litigation (Los Angeles Times)

  3. Schwarzenegger gives $150M stem cell loan | A day after President Bush vetoed expanded federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday authorized a $150 million loan to fund California's stem cell institute, which has been stalled by lawsuits (Associated Press)

  4. Debate continues over stem cell research | In Madison, Wisconsin—the birthplace of embryonic stem cell research—debate rages on over the morality of using human embryos to look for cures to diseases. (Associated Press)

  5. House rejects Santorum stem cell bill | Sen. Rick Santorum, a conservative struggling to win reelection, suffered a political setback late Tuesday when the House rejected his bill to encourage adult stem cell research. (Associated Press)

  6. Stem cell debate a complication for GOP | The largely one-sided debate over embryonic stem cell research pits President Bush against the Republican Party. (Associated Press)

  7. Stem-cell divisions transcend abortion fight | Abortion opponents are not necessarily against embryonic stem-cell research, an issue facing many countries. (Reuters)

  8. Connecticut GOP bucks party on stem cells | Connecticut's three Republican congressional representatives voted to overturn President Bush's veto of a stem cell research bill, bucking their party leader on a key issue for many religious conservatives. (Boston Globe)

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Science and Law Haven't Changed on Stem Cells. Has Politics?
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