Today's Top Five

1. FDA issues new warning on abortion pill
The death toll for U.S. mothers who have taken Mifeprex (RU486) is at least seven now. The total death toll for Mifeprex is unknown. It's a big abortion news day: Utah just moved from a parental notification state to a parental consent state, New Hampshire dropped a parental consent clause from a bill on the morning-after pill, and the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals approved "Choose Life" license plates.

2. Orthodox Church in America fires chancellor, hires outside auditors
It looks like the investigation, which comes after the church's former treasurer's dramatic accusations about misappropriated funds, is about to get a lot more serious.

3. Seminaries: Not just for pastors anymore
"Across the country, enrollment is up at Protestant seminaries, but a shrinking portion of the graduates will ascend the pulpit," The New York Times notes. "These seminarians, particularly the young ones, are less interested in making a career of religion than in taking their religion into other careers."

4. Churchgoing and war
So which is more revealing: That the Americans most supportive of the Iraq war are also the Americans who most frequently go to church? Or that the Americans least supportive of the Iraq war are also the Americans who never go to church? Does churchgoing make you more of a warmonger? Or does it just make you more likely to support any policy of a Republican president? Do Quakers and Mennonites need to start more mid-week services?

5. WSJ column: Morality isn't just about sex CT managing editor Mark Galli recently used the Barry Bonds steroid scandal to illuminate his own need for humility and repentance and the universality of human depravity. Today's Wall Street ...

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