What words make every self-respecting single man approaching the age of 30 break out into a cold sweat? "Receding hairline"? No. "Mutual funds"? Nada. "My parents are here. I'd like you to meet them." Bingo. Apparently these words, when spoken by a woman, confer so much terror that men will literally leave the country in order to avoid hearing them ever again.

Such is the state of mankind in The Last Kiss, a movie poised to resonate with the denizens of a modern romantic terrain wherein commitment is the province of women and stoics and most men exist in a perpetual state of wanderlust.

Starring Zach Braff of TV's Scrubs, The Last Kiss introduces us to Michael (Braff) and Jenna (Jacinda Barrett) as they announce to her parents Anna and Stephen (Blythe Danner and Tom Wilkinson) that she's pregnant. It's clear that after the 3-year-relationship of the younger couple, the older couple is expecting an engagement announcement, not a baby announcement. And while the excitement around the table is genuine, the announcement has clearly uncovered simmering discontentment within both couples.

For Michael, the center of the story, life is just about perfect. He's almost 30. He's got a great job, good friends he's known since grade school, and a beautiful, intelligent, funny girlfriend. As he says, Jenna is just the kind of woman you want to settle down with. And yet, when fatherhood looms, the idea of settling down seems more like a drawn-out death sentence. Cue cute and flirty girl at a wedding reception (Rachel Bilson as Kim), and temptation to find potentially greener pastures becomes tangible. Will he or won't he?

Meanwhile, Michael's friends are in various stages of dysfunction in their own relationships. One's marriage is dissolving ...

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The Last Kiss
Our Rating
2½ Stars - Fair
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
R (for sexuality, nudity and language)
Directed By
Tony Goldwyn
Run Time
1 hour 44 minutes
Zach Braff, Jacinda Barrett, Casey Affleck, Rachel Bilson
Theatre Release
September 15, 2006 by DreamWorks
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