Sounds like … folk-pop as performed by some of Christian music's biggest names, including Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Brian Littrell, and many others.

At a glance … interesting artist pairings and an understated folk-pop style make for a pleasant, though a bit standard, collection of Scriptures set to music.

Multi-artist compilations centered on God's Word are not a new thing. Songs from the Book, The Message: Psalms, and Songs from the Voice are only a few of the companion albums to various translations of the Bible over the years. The list only grows larger when you add the projects inspired by popular Christian devotionals, such as My Utmost for His Highest, Streams, Traveling Light, Next Door Savior.

Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship is an interesting combination of both concepts. Part of the inspiration comes from Glory Revealed, a new book by Bible teacher David Nasser that explores the visible manifestations of an invisible God. However, the album itself is also a 10-song set that draws on several passages from different corners of Scripture to expound on the premise of the book. The "worship" part of the title is more of a marketing hook than an indication of the album's corporate value.

But even if just half the album qualifies as worship songs in the strictest sense of the term, at least they sound nothing like the typical modern worship anthems inundating Christian radio these days. No, Glory Revealed is a pleasantly (and surprisingly) understated assortment of folk-pop selections. Nimbly and convincingly produced by Third Day's Mac Powell, it features an array of artists both new and established, performing solo or paired with unlikely partners.

While the results aren't exactly memorable, the low-key sound and reverence is striking. There's something particularly touching and sobering about Michael W. Smith singing a stripped-down song of praise alongside collegiate favorites Shane & Shane, or for that matter, Powell himself teaming up with relative unknown Candi Pearson-Shelton (Passion). Even Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and the eclectic David Crowder seem out of their element here, but that's very much intentional. Ultimately, it's not about any of the participants and their sound—it's about the source material and its ability to stir like-minded hearts with its timeless truths.

Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship
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March 6, 2007
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