Without question, the most impressive thing about the 2008 Reader's Choice Awards was not the winners themselves as the voter turnout. Close to 6,000 participated in this year's online survey, which is nearly twice as many as last year. And yet, despite the leap in numbers, the results are still more or less the same—a reminder of which fan clubs remain far and away the largest in all of Christian music.

We may as well start with Skillet and face the facts. They've been the favorite band in many a music survey before Christian Music Today started, they've been the favorite for as long as we've run this survey, and they're bound to be the winner for years to come. Third Day and Casting Crowns may be the runners-up, but believe me, it wasn't even close as far as the votes go. In fact, I may as well give an unofficial award to Skillet fans ("Panheads") as the most fervent fan base in all of Christian music—they've earned it, time and again. They may run away with the voting year after year, and thus render the survey uninteresting, but honor is due.

That said, Panheads better hope that Skillet releases their next album by October 200Otherwise, they won't have an eligible Skillet album to vote for! But as far as 2008, the band released their concert album Comatose Comes Alive just under the wire to top the competition. Sorry, Family Force 5 fans—Dance or Die placed second, and it didn't garner nearly as many votes. (For those of you wondering, our review of Comatose Comes Alive appears with our December 15, 2008 DVD round-up.)

Fans at least refrained from voting for Skillet as Best New Band this year. And though lead singers John and Korey Cooper were among the finalists for Best Male and Female Artists, they ...

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