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March 2008
Volume 52, Number 3
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Table of Contents
Laughter is serious business.
A documentary traces the history of shape-note singing.
The Swiss retreat now tends less to philosophical skeptics than to disaffected evangelicals.
Working as a barista has tested me in ways that speeches, campaigns, and protests never did.
ECFA and IRS recommendations for churches that run businesses.
How one West Coast ministry reaps kingdom profits by planting businesses.
Short reviews of Soldier's Heart, Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ, and Encounters of the Spirit.
God's chosen people need Jesus as much as we do.
The Abstinence Teacher nearly turns fundies into real people.
A Turkish theologian finds the image of Christ in the persecuted church.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
The high spots of my life have been anything but expected.
In What's So Great About Christianity, Dinesh D'Souza is skeptical of skepticism and enthusiastic about the faith.
Walter Russell Mead on the benefits of division.
Walter Russell Mead argues that evangelicals have a crucial role to play in American foreign affairs.
Joe Henry's Civilians portrays a country needing grace.
In post-Communist Germany, Christian political involvement is surging.
And the Samson Society is sort of proud of it.
More and more, Christian men are admitting they've been caught in a vicious cycle.
A pie maker's gift brings energy to quirky dramedy 'Pushing Daises.'
Freedom from cultural captivity does not mean freedom from tradition.
Malaysia bans non-Muslim publications from using "Allah," Episcopal church takes disciplinary action against two conservative bishops, and April issue to be CCM magazine's last.
Getting to the bottom of a cultural trend that has seeped into the church.
Reviving forgotten chapters in the story of redemption.
Recent statistics on abortions and births in the U.S., what voters mean by "moral values," embezzlement, and more.
Criticisms of Willow's latest self-study do not undermine its value.
Tony Blair's conversion, the new president of John Stott Ministries, and more.
Comments on teaching evolution, comparing Episcopal dissidents to child abusers, and more.
A professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the first director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, Dilulio is the author of Godly Republic: A Centrist Blueprint for America's Faith-Based Future.
Muslim states continue pressuring Christians.
Supreme Court mulls lethal injections as Christian support for the death penalty drops.
Mars Hill Graduate School sued for sexual discrimination.
Hindu extremists exploit economic fears to launch attacks on Christians.
Post-assassination political fight puts the church at greater risk.
Muslim and Christian leaders seek common ground in conciliatory letters.
Tribal rivalries — including Christian-on-Christian violence — hamper healing.
When God Makes Sunbeams Collide with Waterfall Spray
When God Makes Sunbeams Collide with Waterfall Spray
Rainbows signify something more than a post-Flood peace offering.